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This is my proposal for the #Contest4Steem contest
created by @stephenkendal

Medium and small companies want a future and economic profitability that lasts over time and the world of Blockchain can offer it to them.

The virtual currency has become the currency of the future, Steem is part of that future. The momentum of Steem is associated with the commitment of the user and / or investor who seeks to grow like Steem.

What is an investor?

The investor is that individual or company that allocates money to place it in the financial market.Source

Having investors from all over the world within the Steem Blockchain ensures a more solid future for all of us. The investor always tries to generate and that is the key for a business to prosper. In order to be more than consumers, we must be investors who project based on the future.

The investor will organize and improve the quality of his business as a member of Steemit. A business associated with Steem will tend to develop, expand and grow.

When a business gets involved with the Steem blockchain it will generate many questions from its consumers who are not aware of Steem, some of these may be... What is Steem? Where can I get it? How can I earn Steem?

Without a doubt, this is a positive point for the Steemit family.

After this introduction let's see what is my proposal to promote Steem through a contest.

Bringing new investors to Steemit

The main objective of this contest will be to promote Steem and Steemit in potential businesses in your community so that they can accept payments in STEEM, explain to them how to open an account in Steemit, how they can receive payments for their products or services sold and their benefits.

For your participation to be valid, take into account the following.

The company

  • The business must Register in Steemit.
  • The business must make the presentation of the business including photos of the premises and mention the user who has added it to Steemit as a Steem investor.
  • The business must post on social media or make a public announcement (for example, a sticker, billboard, etc.) that it accepts payments on Steem.


  • Write a brief summary of each business.
  • Add photos of the announcements each business has made about accepting payments on Steem to your post.
  • You can edit the post as you bring in more businesses that want to invest in STEEM, until the end of the contest.
  • Mention the username of the company registered in steemit.


  • The title of the post should be:
    Contest4Steem | Bringing new investors to Steemit by @YOURUSER
  • Post to the community 'PromoSteem 📣'
  • Tags: #contest #Contest4Steem #promo-steem #steemexclusive
  • Entries only in English.
  • Share the post on social medias.
  • Copy the link of your entry in the comments of this contest.
  • 100% original content. Plagiarism is not accepted.

Aspects to evaluate

  • Number of registered companies or businesses.
  • Impact that a business may have on consumers.
  • Compliance with the rules.


1st place2nd place3rd place
4th place5th place6th place

Contest ending

The contest ends when the contest publication expires, hours later the winners will be announced.

I hope this idea gets underway and we add more business to Steemit. Thanks @stephenkendal for supporting the community

Encourage yourself to participate in this contest and create the best idea to boost Steem.

Steem on! 🚀


 2 years ago 

Excellent idea.

I love it.

It is a great idea for a #Contest and you have just raised the bar for the Competition.!!

Awesome job.


 2 years ago 

I'm glad you liked it, thank you very much!
We are all together in the goal to boost Steem.

Thank you Stephen

 2 years ago 

Interesting friend @ oscarcc89 a proposal that motivates the increase of Steem and its investment.

 2 years ago (edited)

Gracias @oscarcc89, por compartir es un excelente concurso, con esto muchos inversores ingresaran a Steemit y de esta forma se impulsara el STEEM.

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