My Experience During Activities With #PromoSteem📣, Meet Up and Gathering + Education With Indonesian Promoter

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Hi friend #Steemit wherever you are.


Today October 13, 2021 (Thursday night to be exact), I want to tell you a little about my experience during the Meet up & Gathering Indonesia Promoters organized by the #PromoSteem📣 & #steemforsdgs Community at Ujong Blang Beach, Lhokseumawe , precisely on Sunday (10/10/2021).


I'm writing this while enjoying a cup of Aceh coffee at a restaurant in the North Aceh district, this activity was the first time for me, in this case I was invited by experienced #Steemit friends, such as @ponpase, @pojan , @bangmimi, @teukumuhas, @gusky, even I can meet directly with the #PromoSteem📣 Community leader, @arie.steem.

With @arie.steem #PromoSteem📣 leader

The event was opened with self-introductions from all participants present, as the saying goes "don't know you don't love". All participants introduced their real names, addresses, and #Steemit account names, and continued with discussions & motivations and questions & answers with experienced moderators, working hard & thinking on this platform, they are @arie.steem, @ayijufridar and @ponpase.

The things that became the main focus of the discussion that day were motivation and how to grow on the Steemit platform. @arie.steem and @ponpasee are more focused on the community, even with them I can get to know more about the origins and ins and outs of the #PromoSteem📣 community. Meanwhile, @ayijufridar focuses more on being consistent and developing the thoughts you have for progress in #Steemit.


Friends who took part in the activity included @pojan @teukumuhas, @bangmimi, @hariszulvianda, @ratnakumbang, @ulyarahmi, @dianputriyeni, @fwinanda, @muhajir169, @sailawana, @faisalpiton, @chnisa, @alvin. steem, @crossbar, @adilvakhri, @sasyasheema12, @miftahulrizky, @gusky, @amrizalabe, @dalton26, and several other friends who were still in the process of registering a #Steemit account. Finally followed by a meal together.


My thanks to the team that organized the #Promosteem📣 Indonesia gathering today for providing a place for me to learn and understand better in promoting #Steemit to other friends around.

Thank you for the support from @stephenkendal @pennsif @kevinwong, @steemchiller @xeldal and don't forget to also thank the community administrator #PromoSteem📣 @arie.steem @ponpase @pojan and others.

Thank you : @musscout


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Thank you so much ..

Mantap, bereh, gas terus 😁😁😁

Bravoo..gassskeun bang

Gas 3Kg 🤣🤣🤣

Mnteng sit na meet up steemit jino euh, lon kira hana le 😅

Mantong.. mnyo na wtee join sajan kamoe lajuu

 2 years ago 

The promotional activities has always been strong

Always strong .. thanks brother..

 2 years ago 

You guys are doing so well.

Thanks do so well too

Pertemuan yang mengesankan dengan anak muda penuh semangat. Semoga dalam kesempatan lain bisa menggelar kegiatan lagi. Saleum.

Amin.. semoga tercapai bg..
Trimakasih untuk ilmu & motivasi nya bg

Enthusiasm is always a great experience, great posts are always successful.

Thank brother..please always support me 🙏☕

mantapppp dek,, cair sang he he he.. sukses terus ya

Amiin..sukses bersama lebih baik kk..
Belum tau cair gimana ini..

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