Preparing for the Distribution of steem shirts for members in Ghana.

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#promo-steem project

I write to express my excitement for the wonderful job done by @arie.steem for introducing #promo-steem logo for promotional activities on the steem blockchain. In addition i'm honored to announce the arrival of steem shirt that has been announced over the past week for steemians in Ghana and its distribution plan. As a steem promoter in Ghana, it is my responsibility to ensure members here in Ghana actively get involved in the steem promo work led and supervised by @stephenkendal with the support of the entire promo team. In this regard, t-shirts have been produced to assist members to that effect.


This post is also to notify all steemians in Ghana who have availed themselves to assist the promo steem project to get prepared for the tasks ahead. I am convinced that, the distribution of these steem shirts will do so much in promoting their promo activities. There are a lot to do with steem. The days ahead will possibly get so tough because these steem shirts produced are here for a great job.

However distribution of these shirts commnces from tomorrow. Every single member will have a copy as requested. I entreat us all to wear your steem shirt at all places most times. It's how the promo work begins. We hope to produce some more shirts to share to people on the streets as well. Steem has the power to transform the lives of people and lead the blockchain, blogging and social media activities. Get involved!!!


The distribution plan.

The distribution will be made at different parts of the country. Details of steemians in Ghana will be collected. This will certainly include their names, address, region, city and telephone numbers. The transportation of the shirts will be made by parcel services of the various transportation services into the respective destinations of everyone.
*With those l can reach personally too, they must endeavour to meet me for their copiea as well when and if the need be. *

Keep working harder to ensure #promo-steem is highly identified as the core objective as attained on this blockchain.


I surely have to get my copy this weekend. The promo work is going to be surely good with the steem shirts. Thanks @mcsamm

 last year 

Sure bro. We are here for a great work. Get your steem shirt and let's promote steem.

We need to print private keys with 1 steem each and give them out in upvotes when they show the voucher . We need lite wallets like wax ... and we need those wax nft links so we can just write down a code

Try this site its very easy and you can create some nfts ... try it

 last year 

Okay sir. Thanks always for your support and direction in helping to promote steemit. I believe we can make steem big like before.

 last year 

You are doing a great work bro, Steem Shirt does amazing when it comes to the promo-work and i simply can't wait to be up and doing

 last year 

Let's do this together bro

nice work

 last year 

Thank you

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