My Power Up, My Investment: Powered up 50% of my payout, #Club5050

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Powering up is a great way to invest into steemit and it makes you an accredited steemian because it shows that you love Steemit and you are ready to invest into steemit. Therefore I'm powered up to power up 50% of my earnings on steemit, club5050.


Hello lovely steemians, I'm glad to join the club5050 because I have understood the essence of power up. My power up is my investment on steemit therefore I powered up more than 50% of my payout.


I understand the feeling of cashing out every steem we earn due to pressing needs but hold on dear steemian, your power up is your investment in steemit and you would not know essence now but in future you reap the fruits of your power up.

Just like other investments power up is no different, we invest for future benefits that's the same way we power up for future benefits.I therefore encourage other steemians to join the club5050, power up 50% or more of your earnings and help steemit grow.

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#club5050 😀

It's a great way to invest into steemit #club5050 ☺️

Working very hard even as a newbie to invest in #club5050 😄😄.

It's very necessary#club5050

 last year 

I would really love to join! Although i did powerup today.

Keep it up

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Let's Invest in steem

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