Hurray!!!Virtual Launch Of Steem Tech Club Happening This Saturday

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Hello lovely steemians, the long awaited launch of the Steem Tech Club is happening this Saturday, 23rd October, 2021. It has not been easy planning on how to successfully launch the Steem Tech Club but upon series of planning and meetings with the team comprising of @nattybongo, @mcsamm, @collinz, @massachusetts and I, @magcarnie we have been able to successfully plan on the Steem Tech Club in terms of the courses, the tutors and other essentials to achieve the aim of the Steem Tech Club that is involving women in the tech and crypto space.


At the launch, we will unveil the tutors for the Steem Tech Club, the Courses for the Steem Tech Club, the timelines and other relevant information concerning the Steem Tech Club.

Date: Saturday 23rd October, 2021

Time:4:00pm GMT

Venue: Zoom

Theme: Involving Women in the tech and cryptocurrency space

Host and Co-Host: @magcarnie and @massachusetts respectively

So far so good we have about 15 ladies who we will use as a pilot for the project. We believe that equipping ladies on the blockchain on some tech needs and cryptocurrency will aid them invest their very best in steemit and also help their involvement in the crypto and tech world.

We have gotten some steemians who have availed themselves to tutor the ladies on the cryptocurrencies and some technicalities of the blockchain.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic it's advisable to tutor online. We've held series of meetings on zoom to test how the participation will be and it was perfect. So we believe the zoom platform will be a great medium to tutor the ladies.

We intend to tutor these ladies on cryptocurrencies and some technicalities about steemit. We will start with the basis of cryptocurrency and also delve into how to trade in cryptocurrency especially steem.

We will also give the ladies an overview on how steemit operates and what causes ruse and fall of cryptocurrencies and how best we can achieve the aim of increasing the value of steem.

We will also give the ladies some assignments and researches, with the aim of equipping them so that they can partake on the steem crypto assignments since some ladies think it's difficult so they won't attempt or even give it a try.

We believe that for the project will be effective since we have got concrete timelines and course structure.Thanks to you all for your attention and we hope you add your contributions and support you make this project a successful one.

Cc: @arie.steem

 3 years ago 

You’re really doing great with the involvement of ladies. I’m honored to be part of it.

Thank you for availing yourself to help

It will be my pleasure to be part of the meeting and share useful knowledge and experience

☺️☺️ Thanks for availing yourself to tutor as well

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