First 100 STEEM Investment From Upbit Trading Exchange For Power Up 100%

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This is my first experience investing for STEEM. I have risked the value of my one million Rupiah in exchange for STEEM crypto. Bringing investment value of 100 STEEM to increase my account Steem Power.

I made a STEEM investment based on a guide and assisted by @ponpase. The value of the Rupiah that I hold has changed to the value of a crypto-based virtual currency. From @ponpase I learned a lot about blockchain, cryptocurrencies and investing.

I was interested in his presentation about crypto investing on Steemit. It was from him that I learned to do crypto buy/sell transactions on the Upbit trading exchange platform. In this highly sophisticated digital era, I believe that Steemit is a very profitable platform.


Investing and working can even be said that this will provide a new career for us as freelancers. Working independently without binding attachments is everyone's dream. I believe, on Steemit I will be able to find new dreams, a world that gives me the freedom to express myself.

Work, work, communication, investment and a profitable career are opportunities to look forward to. Everyone, including me. I like new things, especially those that can provide financial income.

Steemit could be a dream that will come true in the future, I started it by investing. Because I believe that this investment will give me profit, then, I don't worry about it. I have invested money or in other words, I frozen my rupiah value to STEEM.


I have STEEM virtual money which I invested in Steemit. I exchanged 100 STEEM for rupiah, and I have changed it to steem power. This Steem power will later be useful for increasing my activities on Steemit.

I didn't lose my Rupiah but it has frozen into Steem. Its value at any time will certainly change to high. I will continue to study this investment world in my spare time. I like Steemit, because it can make money, and it is very profitable.

After I bought Steem on the Upbit trading exchange, now my steem power has become +100 steem power. From @ponpase explanation, I can use this steem power to support other people's content. It will also be useful to help my account to grow.


I love Steemit with all the investment benefits it has to offer. Hopefully this will have a better impact on providing economic income. As a student, I had to learn to be more financially independent, and I chose to start in this world of steemit.






Thanks for visiting and reading my blog !
cc : @steemcurator01, @ponpase,
Gretting @lienla

 3 years ago 

Kerja bagus, langkah yang tepat dan selamat menikmati dunia Steem Blockchain.

Tetap semangat dan aktif berkonten !

Good Luck.

 3 years ago 

Terima kasih banyk ilmunya!

 3 years ago 

It is a steem world.

 3 years ago 

Thank you Sir.

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Thank you very much

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