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Hello everyone, welcome back to my blog I really appreciate @promosi-steemit for always hosting this tweet activities contest.


It's my pleasure participating in another weekly tweet contest, my tweet breakdown is below with a detailed explanation on the reactions on on it.

First tweet


My first tweet post is on a contest entry I made on steem4bloggers, this post is on the skill I Intend to learn. I wrote extensively on a digital skill web application development, I also elaborated the various scopes within the skill which comprises of the frontend and backend. It will interest you to know that I had 13 reactions on this very post on twitter platform.

Second tweet


This tweet is the most memorable historical event in my country, in my country Nigeria there are over 11 historical event but the most memorable is the independence which happened on 1st October 1960. It was this very event that gave my country its freedom from British masters. Every year my country always celebrate this very event and there's always no official duties taking place apart from the celebration of independence. I got 3 views on this

Third tweet


This tweet is on my recent recruitee @imattew, he saw my flier about the platform on my watsapp status and he decided to take the bold step and join the platform. Though he has being a content creator but only writes on Facebook platform upon seeing my flier he decided to montize his contests. I got 2 views on this

Forth tweet


This tweet is on a post I made here on steemit marketing community, it's a contest entry to a topic my steemit day. This contest revolves round my daily activities on Steemit platform which includes writing, commenting and resteeming and voting users. It will interest you to know that this very contest reminds me of my routine here on steemit platform. I got 3 views on this.

Fifth tweet


This tweet is about my desired country and institute of study apart from the ones in my country, I wrote extensively on USA and the benefits one will get from studying in the country, I also wrote on the desired course I choose and the reason I choose it. I got 3 views on this

Sixth tweet


This tweet on my last week's twitter activities post. I gave the reactions I got on the four posts I tweeted twitter platform and each reaction on the individual posts. The tweet got six views.

This this the end of my breakdown of my tweet activities on twitter and the reactions gotten from each one. I thereby invite @dorothy213, @akareen and @starrchris to participate.

 11 months ago 

Nice post I will try and participate. Best of luck in the contest.

 11 months ago 

Thanks my good friend.

 11 months ago (edited)

Thank you for sharing posts, improve the quality of your posts and stay original. Your voting csi is low please increase it by engaging with others.

Plagiarism freeYES
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free botsYES
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Have a nice day !

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