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A week ago on January 2022, I was unable to attend and participate in the PromoSteem Learn With Steem "Go Around To Cafe & Resto" activity with Indonesian promoters. This is a gathering event, this event is a special meeting and #learnwithsteem with active Steemit users in Indonesia. PromoSteem Lear With Steem "Go Around To Cafe & Resto" was held at the initiative of the PromoSteem team and active Indonesian promoters.


So, today I have confirmed attendance through the "PromoSteem Learn With Steem" attendance form. As discussed in a WhatsApp group for active Indonesian Steemit users, this 2nd weekly activity was held at PETRO DOLLAR COFFEEATERY and ROASTERY. As instructed by the head of the initiator of the activity, @muhajir169, @palang and I were appointed as field coordinators. So I had to come early to make preparations for the venue and wait for the other promoters who participated.


For information, the PromoSteem Learn With Steem activity program "Go Around To Cafe and Resto" was launched on December 31, 2021 at one of the well-known cafes in Aceh province. But at that time I couldn't attend because there were some important activities that I couldn't leave, so I continued to communicate with @ponpase brother via discord and personal WhatsApp. This is a promotional and educational event for the introduction of the Steem community and this activity is carried out in public spaces, such as Caffe and Resto.


Today I arrived early with another promoter, namely @alvin.steem who was present to participate in the "Go Around To Cafe & Resto" PromoSteem Learn With Steem. This is an educational gathering event as #learnwithsteem and also a #Promo-Steem event with Indonesian promoters. In addition, this activity was also attended directly by the PromoSteem community team and also involved a number of active Steemit users whose names are already very popular in Indonesia.


In this meeting, we interacted and discussed with each other with free themes but led to the development of information on the Steemit platform. We believe that every Steemit user and promoter who attends must have various experiences in the Steemit community. That's why we interacted with each other to ask questions to deepen our knowledge about #Steem and #Steemit. Here we share various experiences, disseminate useful information and evaluate ourselves to become informative promoters in this competitive era.


The PromoSteem Learn With Steem activity is carried out with the theme "Go Around To Cafe & Resto", where we will go around to Cafe and Resto. This activity has a background from the adoption of coffee shop culture and the routine of coffee together, this is a hereditary tradition and local wisdom of the Acehnese people. So, we held this 2nd week meeting at the PETRO DOLLAR COFFEEATERY and ROASTERY, this is also the newest and most magnificent Caffe and Resto in the middle of Lhokseumawe city. There is very suitable for meeting activities, discussing and spending time relaxing with family relatives.


Uniquely, there is also one of the culinary tourism destinations in the city of Lhokseumawe. It is also visited by many people and millennial youth from the city of Lhokseumawe and its surroundings. In addition, its location is also very strategic in the center of Lhokseumawe city and this greatly facilitates access for participants of the PromoSteem Learn With Steem activity. The interior and exterior designs are very attractive and beautiful as photo spots, so it is very suitable if the PETRO DOLLAR COFFEEATERY and ROASTERY location is used as a place to promote Steem. According to local history, PETRO DOLLAR is also another name for the city of Lhokseumawe during the heyday of PT. Arun Natural Gas Liquefaction in Aceh.


So, we have promoted #Steem and #Steemit while promoting local traditions, culture and wisdom. We also help promote the unique corners of each Caffe, Resto and traditional culinary. So, through this positive activity, we want to increase participation in sharing content in public spaces through the Steemit platform. Then also make a learning platform to improve the quality of content and original content on the Steemit platform. Join us on the PromoSteem Learn With Steem activity "Go Around to Caffe and Resto" and get guidance on the Steemit platform. We Indonesian promoters will provide guidance and tutors to newbies and active users throughout Indonesia.

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Thanks to @steemcurator01

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Welcome to My blog @bangmimi

 2 years ago (edited)

Well done, ma brada 🎉
You did a great job !
Keep it up 💪🏻 !

 2 years ago 

Oke see you in the next week, let's Go Around #Promo-Steem. Join with US and be a Professional Promoter, Steem On!

 2 years ago 

Ok brother. I got the point
See you next week
Steem on ! 🎉

 2 years ago 

Okeh, Good night my sister, see you!

 2 years ago 

Good night, too my brother
See you when I see you 🌃

 2 years ago 

You're welcome

 2 years ago 

Agenda meet up yang sangat penting dan berguna , terima kasih banyak atas ilmu yang telah saudara berikan 🙏🏻 sukses terus untuk saudara 🤲🏻

 2 years ago 

Selamat bergabung bersama anggota aktif komunitas PromoSteem, jadilah Promotor bersama para tim PromoSteem. Tetap semangat, konsisten dan Steem On!

 2 years ago 

Siap-siap mabro🍻

 2 years ago 

Semangat kaka, Oyee!

 2 years ago 

good luck for the event earlier bg, sorry for not being able to attend earlier, actually really wanted to attend but i was in samalanga bg, next time inshallah

 2 years ago 

No problem friends, you can join in the next event. we are waiting for your presence PromoSteem 3rd series activities. Steem On!

 2 years ago 

inshallah ready

 2 years ago 

Great work.. fighting 💪👍. Tetap kompak.dan semangat trs ya

 2 years ago 

Siap kak, Kami tunggu kehadiran kakak-kakak di edisi selanjutnya.

 2 years ago 

Terima kasih ilmunya bang, banyak ilmu positif yang saya dapatkan didalam kegiatan meet up bermanfaat ini

 2 years ago 

Terimakasih atas kerjasamanya teman-teman semuanya, sukses untuk kita semuanya. PromoSteem yes!

 2 years ago 


Sukses selalu bang

 2 years ago 

Really good job. Very well posted.

steemexclusive : YES
plagiarism : NO
voting bot : NO
club5050 : NO

I have selected your post for Promo-Steem Social media Project. Now I will share on Linkedin social media to promote.



 2 years ago 

Thanks you my brother!

Selamat untuk pencapaiannya dan terus berkarya sobat 💪🤗😎

 2 years ago 

Mari bekerjasama dan saling mendukung kreativitas, satu tujuan dan bersatu di komunitas hebat ini. Semoga bisnis dan kewirausahaan anda terus berkembang dan jadilah mitra terbaik untuk komunitas Steem Entrepreneurs.

Amin ya Allah.. terimakasih banyak bgmimi untuk doa terbaik nya. Dan pastikan saya akan menjadi mitra terbaik untuk komunitas steemEntrepreneurs dan komunitas lainnya yang telah mendukung saya sebagai anggotanya itu pasti bgmimi 💪

 2 years ago 

Siap pak @garuda.steem anda adalah anggota yang patuh dan suka bermusyawarah, saya akan mengikuti jejak anda aduen. Selamat beraktifitas, tetap fokus dan semangat.

Saya mencontohkan kepribadian anda sebenarnya juga kok bgmimi.. hehe

Selamat beraktifitas juga untuk bgmimi ya.. semoga keberkahan selalu menyertai bgmimi.. amin

 2 years ago 

Amin, let's work together.
Nice to meet you my brother.

Me to nice to meet you bgmimi 🤗🙏

 2 years ago 

Greetings Humanity!

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Towards a better life with the PromoSteem community.

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Thanks you! See you next week bro!

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