Promo-Steem and Gathering | Promoting Steemit to The Young Instructors of the Scout Movement [Steem On!]

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Last night (05/10/2021) I attended and attended the Gathering and #Promo-Steem meeting with the Young Instructors of the Scout Movement. This is a gathering event, this event is a special #Promo-Steem and #Learnwithsteem meeting with Young Instructors of the active Scout Movement in Indonesia. This event was held at the initiative of the Indonesian Scout Ambassador, as well as the PromoSteem community team. This meeting was attended directly by members of the @steemforsdgs team and the team as Promotions who supported the #Promo-Steem promoter team in Indonesia.

This meeting was also attended by several active Steemit users who contribute to several other Steemit communities, then we also present and invite newcomers to Steemit. There we met fellow Steemit users and at the same time became a #Promo-Steem event for Young Instructors of the Scout Movement. The activity took place at the "SOVT Caffe Shop" in Lhokseumawe, Aceh, Indonesia. This is a Gathering and #Promo-Steem event, as well as a gathering event for Steemit users. Here we learn together and increase knowledge about #Steem and #Steemit.




This is also an educational event for the introduction of the Steemit community and long-term STEEM Investment, We must support the development and growth of #Steem values in the future. In this event we were attended directly by @ponpase, he is the promoter of the PromoSteem community as the sole speaker. He has delivered a presentation, then provided guidance on Steemit to the audience.

I also came with two members of the "The Youth Steem" team, they are @teukumuhas and @muhajir169 who are the administrators of the @steemforsdgs team. This is a gathering event, #Promo-Steem and #Learnwithsteem education, this is also a #Promo-Steem event with PromoSteem promoters in Indonesia. In addition to the presence of the PromoSteem community promoter and the @steemforsdgs team, this agenda also involves collaboration with the team and a number of Indonesian Steemit public figures.


In the Gathering and #Promo-Steem agenda with the Young Instructors of the Scout Movement, together with us several other active Steemit users were present. We are Steemit users domiciled in Indonesia, we are active youth, we care about the increasing popularity of Steemit in Indonesia and support the growing Steemit community. So in this case, we continue to show consistency and creativity in contributing to the Steemit platform. A series of active usernames in attendance were @miftahulrizky , @guski , @chnisa and @nanilayusri whose names are familiar among community leaders in Lhokseumawe and its surroundings.

And in our midst were also attended by the Young Instructor of the Scout Movement, as well as the new Scout Retirement Council who had just joined Steemit. We just invited and promoted #Steem and #Steemit to Mr. @musscout. We congratulate you on joining the Steemit community, happy working and creating. Furthermore, we hope to be able to actively participate in supporting the programs that have been planned, which will soon be realized in order to support the #Promo-Steem project in the future.


After the Gathering and #Promo-Steem agenda with the Young Instructors of the Scout Movement, then we interacted and discussed, several Steemit users who were present shared various experiences on Steemit. That's why we asked each other questions to deepen our knowledge about #Steem and #Steemit . Here we share various interesting experiences, spread good information and evaluate ourselves to become better Steemit users in the future.

We focus on doing #Promo-Steem, simple introduction about and the latest information about Steemit. Next, provide Mentorship and tutorials on how to register a Steemit account. So in this case we exchange opinions in providing guidelines on how to make posts that are simple, interesting and useful. So far we have taken various actions and concrete work to support the implementation of #Promo-Steem activities in Indonesia. This will have an impact on the interest of the community and youth to care about technology and information, with STEEM we will win together.




During this time I have continued to work as a team and sometimes individually in reaching out to the Community and Youth. Introducing and inviting youth and community leaders is a team program that has been planned, this is a support in supporting the development and growth of STEEM values. My team and I continue to try to do our best from the start, we develop programs and are ready to help the performance of the promoter team, the Community and the #Promo-Steem event in Indonesia.

Lately we often meet face-to-face with two Promoters from the PromoSteem community, there are many things I need to ask again to develop. This is done to create new breakthroughs and evaluate performance that will be carried out in the future. There is a need for learning to improve quality and creativity in promoting #Steem and #Steemit. Especially in reaching active users and inviting community leaders and youth to join Steemit.


For us this is very important so I am happy to be present among active Steemit users, supporting the implementation of "Gathering and #Promo-Steem" with PromoSteem promoters and other active Steemians. I still have a lot to learn so I can become a promoter in building good relationships with the people and youth in Indonesia. So it needs to be improved and implemented a new breakthrough in doing #Promo-Steem to make it look unique and attract more public attention. Very proud to be able to gather with Steemit users who are active, creative and consistent in supporting the growth of STEEM values. We will continue to contribute in promoting #Steem and #Steemit in various fields in our daily activities.

Join the Steemit platform, join and support the entire Steemit community that supports the development and growth of STEEM values. Let's contribute and be ready to be active and creative users on Steemit media, stay focused and take the best action. With this “Gathering and #Promo-Steem” we will continue to learn and invest in STEEM to be better in the future. Goodwill is the initial foundation to move in a better direction and support the creation of more STEEM in the future. Steem On!


Do the best and never stop to learning

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Good job bro, kalau tidak ada halangan dalam waktu dekat ini kita akan Meet up kembali.

 last year (edited)

Siap, segera dipersiapkan, ayo kita dukung Meet Up dan Workshop yang diselenggarakan oleh tim komunitas PromoSteem di Indonesia. Steem On!

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Tentu saja. Karena promo steem merupakan hal utama yang harus dilakukan oleh semua steemians untuk perkembangan steem Dimasa mendatang.

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Yes my, brother. This is great ideas
We do together and we win together ✌️

 last year 

I have seen how great your effort is promoting the steem blockchain in Indonesia. Thanks and keep working harder bro.

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We have done our best to the best of our ability, but we have a lot to learn from the team and friends in your country. Thanks @mcsamm

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Keren 🤗👌

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Thanks sis @sailawana

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