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Aoa Steemians

I hope you all are well and enjoying happy and healthy life.


Today I am going to share another important rule from steemit team which is about #club75 and #club100. Steemit users can get extra support from steemcurators by using tag of #club75 and #club100.

The users who are eligible for the tag of #club5050, #club75 and #club100 can get extra vote support from steemit team (Steemcurators & Booming). I am going to share the rules for new announcement.


I have already shared the rules and regulations for #club5050 tag and you can take help from the below post.

#Club5050 New Rule Announcement by @steemitblog

Rules for #Club75

  • If any user wants to use #club75 tag then we will check the wallet history of user for past 60 days ( 2 Calender Months).
  • The amount of steem power up in the past 60 days must be 3 times more than amount of steem or SBD transfered.
  • With the usage of #club75 tag you must power up 75% of your earning or cashing out 25% earning or less.

For Instance,
If your earning is 400 steem then you are going to power up 300 steem then you have to withdraw only 100 steem.
100%= 400 Steem
75%= 300 Steem
25%= 100 Steem

Rules for #Club100

  • If you want to use #club100 then we will check the wallet history of past 90 days (3 Calenders Months).
  • If you have not done any kind of transfer of SBD or steem then you are eligible for #club100 tag. If you have done even transfer of few steems then you are not eligible for #club100 tag.
  • For the usage of #club100 tag in your post then you have to power up 100% steem power up.

Note: Please don't use the any of the club tags until you are fully eligible for them.




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 2 years ago 

thank you for taking your time in educating us, we all hope for the best and surely with power ups we will definitely see the change we are looking for

 last year 

That really helpful post. Thanks for sharing this valuable knowledge for us.

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