STEEMCONTEST.COM - Introduction (a platform that provide all contest informations on steemit)

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My strong desire to get information quickly on one page makes me want to innovate again on steemit. especially about contest information that is in great demand by all steemit users.

Looking for contest information on all communities is definitely a waste of our time, surely many will lose the opportunity to take part in contests on steemit, because users only focus on one community to see contest opportunities.

Contest organizers must feel that contest information is only limited to one community, and also limited to the #contest tag, where many posts there have been mixed with other information.

To fulfill my desire to create a method that is better in providing information and precise to users, that's why I have an idea to create a website specifically in terms of providing contest information.

Let me introduce my new project and also under the supervision of PromoSteem

Progress 70%

The project will be done by myself @arie.steem and @sogata, This project is not ready yet and must be tested first. That's why I need help from those of you who have an ongoing contest to try our features

Idea & Concept


How does this work ?

Go to

Klik Add Your Contest Here

Put your contest URL Link

Select Category

Set amount contest prize

Set End Date



Contest Verification

Note: this is a service to automatically enter your post into the steemcontest website at a cost of 0.100 STEEM (promo). in this experiment we made a low price for this in a few weeks before the normal price.

It uses steemlogin . so every transaction will be safe





So. If you want your contest to be seen by more users, then steemcontest is perfect for you to use so you can get more participants for the contest in the future. the website is currently running, and we will continue to update the website as needed and is also more practical.

Let's put your contest

Project Created By
@arie.steem & @sogata


Thanks to : @steemcurator01, @stephenkendal, @pennsif

discord link.png
PromoSteem Discord

Author : @arie.steem
Contact Discord : arie.steem#4626
Twitter :


 3 years ago 

Great idea and I look forward to seeing this develop.

Shared on Twitter.



 3 years ago 

thank you sir

 3 years ago 

Thank for supporting our project mr @stephenkendal

Great work and idea.I hope you will not out♥️

Wow always so supportive

Very great innovation, I think it will make it much more easier for everyone to get all contest at once and pick a preferred one out.. very great idea👏

 3 years ago 

thanks for the support

 3 years ago 

Very creative and helpful Hope you are successful @ arie.steem Greetings from Margarita.
#onepercent #venezuela

 3 years ago 

thanks for the support

This is a fantastic idea! I think it is very useful especially for new users

 3 years ago 

thank you :)

Amazing idea my friend! I just checked it out and place Steemit Iron Chef on there.

It's nice to find all contests in one place like this.

Great job done!


That's a nice initiative

This will be great, a lot of people miss contest all the time, the solution is here now, thanks @arie.steem

 3 years ago 

thanks for the support

 3 years ago 

Oh wow, this is an amazing idea and i absolutely love it. I look forward to it's development

 3 years ago 

yeah. i hope this is success

 3 years ago 

Very nice project, I appreciate your efforts bro. Good luck for more progress @arie.steem

 3 years ago 

thanks shohana

this is a great initiative, if you need help with development let me know ;)

 3 years ago 

thanks, by the way what is your skill as developer ?

I’m a full stack PHP dev, and a backend JavaScript dev. Also, I can use the Steem APIs very well

I have developed a dedicated Fanbase to use in the latino community, The Cotify service, and several other projects

 3 years ago 

i will talk with my developer about this, what he need a partner or not, maybe in future we will put this on github and everyone can contribute to help.

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