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After launching 2 weeks ago, the steemcontest platform has made many developments to make it easier for users to submit their contests as well as several other features.

Steemcontest team would like to announce our commitment to developing this project more and continuously. we just make this even more interesting by building an account that is also useful for curating contest posts that are submitted on the website and also resteem posts automatically with the account

  • Auto Vote
  • Auto Resteem

2 These features are running normally. and currently the team will continue to look for sponsors for this project so that the account has enough SP power to help steemit users who are running the contest.

Proof Of Work


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What Is SteemContest

SteemContest is a platform project created to make it easier for all steemit users to find information about ongoing contests, a website that can provide all contest information on steemit.

How To Submit Contest

  • Go to
  • Click Add Your Contest Here
  • Put your contest URL Link
  • Select Category
  • Set amount contest prize
  • Set End Date
  • Submit
  • Complete Transaction
  • Go To Homepage & Refresh

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View From PC


View From Smartphone


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So. If you want your contest to be seen by more users, then steemcontest is perfect for you to use so you can get more participants for the contest in the future. the website is currently running, and we will continue to update the website as needed and is also more practical.

Let's put your contest

Project Created By
@arie.steem & @sogata

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Thanks to : @steemcurator01, @steemcurator02, @stephenkendal, @pennsif , @steemchiller

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PromoSteem Discord

Author : @arie.steem
Contact Discord : arie.steem#4626
Twitter :

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 3 years ago 

Well done job bro, keep it up. Best wishes to you for more success and achievements.

 3 years ago 

yeah.. thanks shohana

😲 wow..dear @arie.steem this is a welcome development, it will be very easy for information/contest to be located with ease..

 3 years ago 

hope this useful for us

Very useful sir..

 3 years ago 

It's a beautiful project. Will assist steemians have easy access to more contests to participate in. Thanks for This @rie.steem

 3 years ago 

you are welcome....

neupeuroh lon bang auto vote...?

[WhereIn Android] (

 3 years ago 

Wao es maravilloso este proyecto hará que todos estén en sintonía con los concursos, y muchos podrán ver cuántos concursos estén en línea y activos, te felicito. saludos.

 3 years ago 

wow such a great initiative...well done

 3 years ago 

thanks bro

 3 years ago 

Welcome boss

 3 years ago 

This new development will make work easier for Contest creators and all steemiit users,i appreciate you @arie.steem

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