#5 Daily Chat Contest Season 2 - PRIZE UNLIMITED + 100 Steem "SponsoredBy SK" ( 5 New User )

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50% of post payout goes to @steemcoffeeshop & 10% to @promosteem.com


Daily Chat Contest Season 2. a contest that has been proven to bring positive results in the aim of promoting steemit to others, now we enter season 2.

However, the contest I made is different from the others, that is, you don't need to make a post, you only need to share a screenshot of your chat in the comments Daily Chat Contest Season 2 post in everyday.

You can enter this contest every day, there is no limit. but you have to give different chat screenshots with different people. the contents of the screenshot is about you inviting other people to join in steemit.


Strict Regulation

  1. Provide a different screenshot on each of your entries in the comments column
  2. One person can provide more than 1 entry per day - no limited
  3. The screenshots should be about talking to getting friends to join Steemit
  4. Entries are only counted if you provide a screenshot in the comments column
  5. If the conversation is in a language other than English, please write down your conversation in the comments so that I can translate
  6. Entries that are accepted are those that successfully invite your friends to join and prove the new @username in the comments column.
  7. New user you refer is a new user who joins in August 2021

You're On The Blacklisted If

  1. Taking other people's chat screenshot
  2. Manipulate chat screenshots with editing


  1. chat must be your own who communicates with other people
  2. Please report to me if you see anyone breaking the rules
  3. There is no limit submit comment
  4. The daily chat contest will update everyday
  5. I provide unlimited prize for every inviter
  6. 2 steem for 1 new user you bring to steemit

Phone Number Invalid

  1. When you have a problem with an invalid phone number when registering an account, I advise you to use this tool to register https://steemyy.com/reg.php , and after that you can change the master key of your steemit account.




Example Good Comment



Make sure you always read the progress of this contest and also always follow the rules well, every improvisation of the contest is for safety and also has a real effect in promoting steemit to others


Inviter & Number of New Users

InviterNew User


Spreadsheet Data


Update Prize

Prizes are given at the end of the month when the contest has been running for #30, There are 2 ways to get prizes in this contest.

Winner 1,2,3

Based on the number of users who have been successfully invited to join steemit

  • winner 1 = 30 steem prize
  • winner 2 = 20 steem prize
  • winner 3= 10 steem prize

Inviter Winner

All inviter can get steem prize at the end of contest , and 1 user = 2 steem

  • example : you success bring 20 user join
  • 20 users x 2 steem = 40 steem


  • And thank you to our proud sponsor, @stephenkendal, who will donate 100 steem funds for this contest

daily chat.png

Okay, let's start sharing your entries in the comments column in this post



Thanks to : steemcurator01, @stephenkendal, @pennsif

discord link.png
PromoSteem Discord

Author : @arie.steem
Contact Discord : arie.steem#4626
Twitter : https://twitter.com/ariesteem


 3 years ago 

great contest for us all ,,hoping to start my conversation tomorrow

 3 years ago (edited)
 3 years ago 


Good initiative
I just helped a brother abroad @permoh to join.
Below are the screenshots:







 3 years ago 


Hello @arie.steem
I helped a buddy @quabenah to signup today.



 3 years ago 

can you comment in my new daily chat post

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