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Hello Promoters!

I am greatful to the lord for still been alive to share with you my promo activities just yesterday saturday 21 August , 2021 .


I decided to choose the street in Navrongo with more hawkers and tricycle on each saturday , and infact i was able to get so many contact which i am going to chat withfor their deep understanding of the work we do on steemit here.

I actually remember someone asked me what exactly am i getting from steemit , she asked if they pay me to bring someone on board like other networking companies do , she was supprise i was inly promoting the platform to get more users on board and change life , i was able to oet ehr undderstand how steemit works and why she has to join #, i shared with her some of my graphics that has my number , she called me when she got home and i am about to register her on steemit.

My Sond encounter was a tricycle driver who i convinced to get the steem promo flyer pasted on his tircycle and he agreed finnally , he told me he could read and write also so i shuld show himmthe way , actually that was his working time so what i did was to exchange contact with them and as the time i started writiing this post i had already started a conversation with him and i am sure of bringing them on board.


I also crushed with some collegues at the district office which i tried convincing them to join steemit but it seems they have tried some other online business where they were scmmed so they are kind of phobia to online stuff now , with y explanation and showing them some graphics i can see a green light one of them actually tested me that i should pass by his office and get him registered so i will pursue that on monday .

finally let me thank @arie.steem , @oppongk , @stephenkendal , @nattybongo ,@mcssam fort their great work in supporting steem promoters every time we share our content on the platform.


 last year 

Most Saturdays are busy days and you still made time to tell others about Steemit, well done bro keep up the good work

i am greatful

 last year 

Really good job brother. Very well posted. I have selected your post for Promo-Steem Social media Project. Now I will share on Twitter social media to promote.


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