The mini-competition "Let's talk!" №3 - How do you talk to children about sex? // Let's Talk mini-competition #3 - "How do you talk to children about sex?"

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Hello all, here's a new mini competition theme ready to go! Today, we invite you to talk about sex! Talk to the kids:) As you may have noticed, our commentary competition has taken on an official name - Let's Talk! This will now be the brand name for all the mini-contests.

How do you talk to children about sex? Many psychology books have been written on the subject, but! The most correct words are suggested by practice. Share with us your opinion, at what age should children and teenagers be introduced to the subject? What words should be used to explain everything? Maybe you should buy a picture book?

This is a simple contest in the comments. Write under this post what you think about the topic. You can write your answer in any language, as long as it is informative and interesting.

The results will be announced onMarch 1st after 18:00 UTC. The authors of the top three comments will receive 2 Steem!

Let's talk!



Всем привет! Вот и готова новая тема для мини-конкурса! Сегодня мы предлагаем вам поговорить о сексе! Поговорить с детьми:) Как вы, наверное, заметили, наш конкурс комментариев получил официальное название - "Давайте поговорим"! Теперь это будет фирменное название для всех мини-конкурсов..

Как говорить с детьми о сексе? На эту тему написано много книг по психологии, но! Самые правильные слова подсказывает практика. Поделитесь с нами своим мнением, в каком возрасте следует знакомить детей и подростков с этой темой? Какие слова следует использовать, чтобы все объяснить? Может быть, стоит купить книжку с картинками?

Это простой конкурс в комментариях. Напишите под этим постом, что вы думаете об этой теме. Вы можете написать свой ответ на любом языке, лишь бы он был информативным и интересным.

Результаты будут объявлены 1 марта после 18:00 UTC. Авторы трех лучших комментариев получат 2 Steem!

Давайте поговорим!


I dont have kids of my own yet. But whenever i get to take care of my nieces and nephews we talk about that just like how my dad talked to us. He is a physician so naturally he did the medical approach. Just how doctors talk to patients. 😁 No inhibitions, no judgements, no dictating but just the geeky and science-y stuff chill talk. I encourage them to ask stuff and not dismiss or invalidate them but to educate. Letting them understand and give them the time to absorb what they have learned. We even talk about porn and some scandals casually. Better than not talk about it at all or like their parents to not explain much or be imposing and not listen to kids. Medical approach is the way to go. They get to know and participate in science classes more because of that. It is a win win.

I even find it funny that my nieces and nephews dont talk about sex with their parents but they are ok with me. I think i did well in earning their trust. 🤭

 2 years ago 

How Do You Talk To Children About Sex.?
Hello @steemit family and great steemians good afternoon and how is your day going.
I trust we are doing beautifully well,thanks
In this mini-contest today,
"Let's talk no3" -How Do You Talk To Children About Sex?. I believe we parents have the responsibility of talking to our children about sex at least from two years of age to their adolescent ages. Even as teachers talk and teach them at school. To me, it is a continuous talk and teaching not once upon a time talk. Good parenting demands we teach our children male and female their body parts, calling each part it's very known name, for them to know the parts and their uses thereby mastering them one by one. It will help them to master those parts and ease parents from any embarrassment it could have coursed the children and their parents as they grow up if they were never taught early or if they were never taught at all. Our early teaching of this will help our children not to be intimidated by anyone from their early stages of lives to their adolescent ages. The children will never accept any
form of intimidations by anyone at all.
Thank you, this is my contributions to this mini-contest.

 2 years ago 

Thanks for voting on my post, I'm grateful.

Hola amigos de #steemit-family, este es un tema muy interesante, porque me hace recordar lo que hoy en día esta de moda, y con esto me refiero a las canciones, el tema del reguetón es un tema que muchos padres hoy en día no le hacen mucho caso a la letra de las canciones, y hace que sus hijos las escuchen e incluso bailen este tipo de música, las cuales en su mayoría hablan de sexo.

En mi opinión, los padres deben tomar este tema más en serio, hablarles de lo que esta permitido o no, la forma en como la bailan, no debería de permitírselo, porque esto le puede traer consecuencias mas adelante, hoy en día los niños están más informados que los adultos, pero aún así, cada padre debe sentarse con su hijo y orientarlos, guiarlos, par que luego no existan lamentaciones.

Sobre todo los niños de 12 a 15 años, son los que requieren mucha orientación y guía, esta es una edad crucial a mi parecer para el desarrollo y crecimiento de un niñ@.


Most parents are afraid to talk about sex with their children, thinking it might increase their inquisitiveness but it's best "they are ready" if not the world will tell them about it.
So firstly when they are baby (1 & 2yrs) start by teaching them body parts (naming them, showing them their nose, mouth, Private part etc. Both boy's and girls have different private part and No one else is allowed to touch their private part just let them know it.
3-5 yrs:- Teach them to say"NO" to hugging, kissing cause they are incharge of their body, they should be able to differentiate between good and bad touch and they should respect elders but any elders touches them anyhow they should scream and report to their parents immediately.
6-9 yrs:- this is the best time to talk about sex because they are exposed to the internet at this age and peers too.
10-12yrs:-this is the time they go through alot of physical change in their body like menstruation, growing hair,wet dreams etc
Lastly create a friendly environment where the child is free to share anything with you and be their best friend.

 2 years ago 

Hello everyone this is ashik from Bangladesh. I hope everyone is well. Today topic is children about sex? So Let's start childrem about sex.

Usually manifested in the form of sex trafficking, where a child is abducted or sexually exploited, or tricked into engaging in sex for survival, where the child engages in sexual activities to obtain basic necessities such as food and shelter. Child sexuality is commonly associated with child pornography, and they often overall. Some people travel abroad for child sex tourism. Studies have shown that around 100 million children worldwide may be involved in sexual exploitation. .The practice is most widespread in South America and Asia, but child sexual abuse exists worldwide. [1] .[2] Despite the increase in the number of young boys in business, the majority of children involved in sex work are girls.

A few days ago, when everything was closed for Corona, especially children became more addicted to the Internet and they used to spend time playing sex videos and games. During Corona, many children buy mobile phones and internet from their parents to take classes online. .For all these reasons, they are more likely to be victims of sexual harassment. I think the main reason for child sex is the internet and they learn everything from this internet. I have presented my statements to you. I hope everyone will like it .

This is a serious talk. The world we are in now is a mysterious one, talking to children about sex; in my own understanding I will say it should be base on the level of understanding of that child. There are some children that are hyperactive, there are some that are very smart, intelligent and inquisitive, so we should take note of this kind of children so that we can know when to talk to them about sex. When you notice that the child is smart and has a level of understanding, we should talk to them about sex. At Least from age 3.

 2 years ago (edited)

How do you talk to children about sex?

This is very sensitive and important issue to discuss with kids accordingly to their nature of mentality and age.
My daughter is near about 3 years old. She have right now sense about her private parts of body. I acknowledged her time to time, that she have to change her clothes in separate room and be aware about your surroundings. You should always pamper or cover your feminine parts from all strangers too. Accordingly to age always guide to their kids about sex and their body. Take care always about their self.

 2 years ago 

Hoy día los niños están expuestos a mensajes de indole sexual a una edad muy temprana, y no es precisamente de parte de los padres. Por eso es muy importante ayudar a sus hijos, a temprana edad, a distinguir lo correcto de lo incorrecto.
1.-hable co su hijo, aunque le resulte dificil, usted conoce a su niño o niña y sabe qué palabras le dirá.
2.- Trate el tema poco a poco, no necesita tener una conversación muy larga, aproveche diferentes momentos apropiados para hablarle y enseñarle sobre el tema.
3.- Tome en cuenta la edad sel pequeño. Ya los niños de prescolar eatán en la capacidad de aprenderse los nombres de los oeganos sexuales asi que con palabras fáciles de entender puede explicar, como protegerse de los depredadores sexuales. A medida que van ceeciendo pueden explicarles algunos conceptos generales sobre la reproducción.
4.-Junto con cada explicación debe inculcarle valores, hablar con el ejemplo y ser positivo.

Recuerde que todo lo que diga a sus hijos influirá más en ellos que cualquier cosa que aprendan fuera del hogar, esfuersese por hacerlo bien.

 2 years ago 

каждого из сыновей примерно при достижении 14 лет, звал к себе в офис и всё рассказывал, делая упор на безопасность, например, что делать если порвался презерватив и всё в этом духе.. у них глаза были 6 на 9, но слушали внимательно : )

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