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The family is conceptually the basis of society, it is the anchor that allows us to strive to fight and project ourselves towards a promising future full of hope.

For me, the family is the most important thing in this society since I am convinced that it is the family that builds or destroys it, since it is we, the parents, who have the great responsibility of building the identity of our children, caring for them and transmitting the values ​​that they will give them autonomy and firmness to develop them as a social being.

Enjoying our family is priceless! sharing with them are the best moments that God and life can allow us. Family is our biggest company. Take care of it because the opportunities must be enjoyed!


The family needs to live in harmony and balance in order to have healthy children, children need to be cared for by their parents and they need to learn a series of values ​​to determine how important it is to celebrate life together, communicate and establish security in each of its members. to be able to solve each situation or conflicts that arise


Living as a family means developing a series of responsibilities that will allow us over time to determine our attitudes and the attitudes of our children, as we remember that they will be an image of what we are as parents.


For God, the family is the most important thing in his creation of him, it is the most loved thing about him, it is the source of his inspiration of him. In fact, God loves all the families on earth and it is the family that is at the center of his divine plan to give them well-being and safe progress.

"The Holy Bible teaches that God established families from the beginning and shows us many examples of strong families"

Genesis 1:28
The first inhabitants of the earth formed a family. From the beginning, God blessed and promoted families, and commanded Adam and Eve: “Be fruitful and multiply; and fill the earth"

God created men and women of opposite sexes to form the family and also blessed them and explained the best way to develop a family with well-being, love and peace.

And what does your family mean to you?
The family today is a point of reflection for all since God gives us a family to take care of it, give it security, protection, firmness and attention in order to build firm children, who love life, who come to conceptualize and look at the family as most important within free society, with autonomy and self-confidence

Remember that it is the family that provides security and trust... also in the family is where we learn the first values ​​and it is the family where we build our universe

For nothing in the world let us neglect our family because it is the family that deserves our greatest attention since it is the most valuable thing we can have and enjoy in this life, there is nothing that can be compared to it, it is the most precious thing that God could give us

Reference: the images are parts of my family (Husband, children and grandchildren)

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