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Formerly we enjoyed a fresher natural environment and less polluted than the one we currently have and obviously our planet earth provided us with fresher and healthier food and the population developed with fewer health problems, but as the world evolved and with it technology and large industries, man dedicated more time to promoting his own benefits and interests than to taking care of our planet and everything began to deteriorate our environment and therefore our planet. Hence the great responsibility we have as citizens to take care of our environment.


It seems like a utopia but unfortunately it is not like that the earth has reached its last decadence by the hand of man and unfortunately today we have a sick earth and climate change that is affecting the entire planet in general

Since the creation of humanity, caring for the earth we inhabit has been a mandate from God.

When God created the first men, he ordered them to take care of the earth, till it and eat its fruits. Everything absolutely everything was beautiful good healthy and promising. We had a different planet


What has happened currently? The indiscriminate abuse of man has prolonged a shorter life on the planet since most of what we consume today is not healthy due to greenhouse effects which have become a great risk to our health.

Let us remember that the greenhouse effect was a natural and beneficial phenomenon for us since its context for life defines it as follows:

The greenhouse effect is a natural phenomenon and beneficial to us. Certain gases present in the atmosphere retain part of the thermal radiation emitted by the earth's surface after being heated by the sun, maintaining the planet's temperature at a level suitable for the development of life.

The question is what happened to this important effect for our planet earth? The answer in this sense is determined by the action of man who has caused an increase in global temperature affecting the entire globe and decreasing the quality of life of people , animals and plants and consequently this went from being our great ally to become the number one enemy of our health and enemy of our planet earth

The greenhouse effect has caused endless consequences to all living beings in the world due to the highest temperatures that have manifested in the environment causing a series of natural disasters such as: large forest fires, intense summers... Obviously, it has been causing various situations in all agricultural production, such as biotic factors that interact with other organisms, such as flora and fauna, and interactions with other living organisms in an ecosystem, which currently have our planet very weakened.

Why is man responsible for the earth we have?
Man is responsible for the global warming that our planet is experiencing today due to the desire and uncontrolled discriminated hand in human activity
This is confirmed by the latest research that has been carried out regarding the phenomenon that has been intensifying more strongly in recent years.

UN: 95% certainty that man is responsible for climate change
There are more certainties than ever that global warming is caused by man, according to a United Nations report
The report is the first part of the 5th Assessment Report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) and was published this Friday in Stockholm.
The panel, winner of the Nobel Peace Prize in 2007, says it is "extremely likely" that human activity is responsible for more than half of the global warming observed in the last 60 years.
Scientists say in their report that they are 95% convinced of human influence on climate change.

In this sense, the call is to raise awareness the awareness of humanity because we only have one planet to live called earth, which provides us with everything we need for survival where we must all collaborate to preserve our environment, our biotic organisms and therefore our health or life in general

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