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When we are old, will it be when years and years come and we usually have an advanced age? Most people believe that when they reach old age or at an older age they are already absolutely old; but how wrong they are since the person really begins to age just when dreams and hope begin to disappear

Can you imagine how many young people of age at this time have let their dreams die? and they walk around hopeless of life and their goals that were once projected while older people of advanced age still live full of hope and fulfilling every goal they set for themselves in life


The soul is considered the principle that gives life. Soul comes from the Latin anima and the Greek psyché, which means 'human soul', and, in this sense, soul is synonymous with psyche, 'vital breath' and self (the self), but it is also synonymous with individual, person or inhabitant
(DICCIONARIO de Espanol)

In this sense, the soul is the beginning of life where all the intellectual power of the person lives and what motivates people to fight for their dreams and hopes, so once the soul wrinkles the person begins to age even Being young, everything will depend on the attitude that the person has regarding the meaning of the life of their dreams and their goals. For this reason we begin to age when our souls wrinkle and we lose all interest in life, dreams and ourselves.

There is no age to dream, there is no age to pursue what we want, there is no age to go after our dreams, our attitude is what will define our soul and therefore our conquest. That is why we can confidently say that a person's soul does not age when his skin wrinkles, but when his dreams and hopes wrinkle.

When does the soul wrinkle?
The soul wrinkles when we stop dreaming, when we let despair win us over, when we let the circumstances of life dominate us, when we allow others to act for us; when we allow obstacles to feed our fears and be bigger than our dreams, when we allow opportunities to pass and we do not take advantage of them... Because of all these things we begin to age but it is never too late to realize that we have a great treasure that we are full of talents that if we can if we make an effort and fill ourselves with hope and do not let the circumstances of life win us

Our attitude towards life must be positive, fill us with hope and look at life as it really is "beautiful" and always smile in the face of circumstances


She is my daughter whom I always motivate to fight for her dreams and maintain the best attitude in the face of life's circumstances, because it is necessary not to be defeated by circumstances to conquer our dreams.

Do not allow your soul to wrinkle before its time and kill your dreams and hopes.

Today you can start building your life and fill yourself with dreams and hopes in order to continue feeding the gift that is in you. We are valuable and talented people, everything will depend on your attitude towards life

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And I was watching the cartoon "Soul" today

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