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Attitudes are all the actions that a person performs and that define their personality and character since we are what we do, not what we say, because our attitudes speak for


There is a saying that says: "if you want to know someone, look at their attitudes" and certainly these phrases are correct since a person is not defined by what he has or what he says but by what he does

It is our actions that speak for us and yes, we are what we do, actions are all the things that we practice as a social being and we make it a reality and define the kind of people we are; define our identity our culture and tell others about ourselves

For example, if we are good readers, we will surely be educated people with a great lexical development, but if the opposite happens, our attitudes will be contrary since it is our actions that define our personality.

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Attitudes are defined by values or anti-values, that is, by negative, positive, constructive or destructive actions and all of them lead us to a determining effect on our personality.

Our thoughts define and control our attitudes because as we think so will be our actions

About what it means to have an attitude, some thinkers stated the following:
For example, Warren said: “An attitude is a specific mental disposition toward a new experience, whereby the experience is modified; or a predisposing condition for a certain type of activity”.
While Droba expressed: "An attitude is a mental disposition of the individual to act for or against a defined object."

In this order of ideas, it follows that attitudes are thoughts that are foreseen or previously planned to act in one way or another where new experiences will be presented as a result of their thoughts, values and beliefs.

When we watch a person act we are evaluating their behavior because attitudes are simply behaviors that people carry out as a means of procedure in any circumstance of life and obviously these become lifestyles

James 3:13
Who is wise and understanding among you? Let him show by his good conduct his deeds in meekness of wisdom.

We all have attitudes that can cause negative effects on our lifestyle and that we must reflect to correct them since we are not perfect but we must have humility to recognize that our attitudes are not the best and that we must change to develop as healthy and balanced people since our attitudes are like open letters to the world and they are the ones that speak for us

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