Contest 7 cooking recipe of my family favourite sweet snck for tea time

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Hello every one and Assalam u Alaikum, ihope you'll will be fine,and me too:). I feel excited about this contest. Surely its true that you makes some delicious food for your family to stay them safe and healthy.
Today i share with you a sweet snack for tea or coffee time. My whole family like to eat sweets and i love to cook many sweet recipes. So i start the recipe.

Step 1

Brown suger
Nuts (if you want)optional

Step 2

First of all we put 4tb sp ghee or butter in the pan and stove on. Next the cardemoms (cut into middle) put in it.
Next we put a cup of semolina (suji) in it and roasted in ghee, until its color is change.
Then we drop a cup of (or per taste) brown suger in it .
And roast again at low falme until suger is melt and its syrup is absorbed in semolina. Off the flame now we placed it a flat pan and balanced it with any flat thing like plate. Cut into small pieces and rest to cool .



Aha or biscuits of semolina are ready to eat. It is very easy and ready in only 20 minutes. My all family like to eat it . I cooked it different ways like include nuts or with white suger but my family like without nuts and white suger.
Thanks for reading.
I invite my friends


Your recipe is one of my favorite foods I have eaten several times before this meal. I really like it. Thank you so much for participating in the contest.

Thank you to like it


Thank you to like it

 6 months ago 

looks delicious

Thank you its really delicious.

 6 months ago 

Welcome you are

 6 months ago 

If It would be serve with tea ☕ then surely your family will enjoy too more 🙂

Thank you yes its true

Can we share two or more recipes of this contest.

 6 months ago 

No, one entry can share.

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