Building up Devcoin buy side with our STEEM/HIVE POWER as a community

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Hey there!

We have been waiting for the STEEM/HIVE situation to settle for some time but I still did some work to explore investment opportunities for the Devcoin Foundation (DF). As a reminder, we have the DevSTEEM project receiving ongoing shares since round 83 (25 rounds or ~2 years). Let's see what we have so far:

DevSTEEM assets

We have two @devcoin and @devtome accounts owned by the DF and the cooperation of @dropahead in both STEEM and HIVE. In other words, we have 6 accounts to help us raise funds. DF's STEEM & HIVE accounts have a net worth of $380 USD as of today May 25th, 2020.

There are other kind of assets. The 6 accounts sum up ~6500 followers and dropahead is contributing 400 subscribers that can trigger 20k STEEM POWER and 20k HIVE POWER of upvotes. This time the numbers seem bigger but they can only generate up to $0.30 USD per post and we can only have dropahead help about 1 or 2 times per day.

Building up Devcoin buy side in the markets

At end of day, the DF should buy Devcoins in the markets (whether via Stellar tokens or Freiexchange). So we still have the opportunity to generate income for the DF. What can we do as a community?

Collaborating with the DF by writing!

There is a functionality in (STEEM) and (HIVE) that allows to split generated earnings from a post or comment. The button: "Add benefiaries" brings a pop up where one can type the username: devcoin and hit the + button to set the % to contribute. The deal is that @dropahead will release a generous amount of upvotes to posts/comments with "devcoin" as beneficiary, as long as the share is 50% or more for @devcoin. I'll setup some automation for this process but we should start somewhere, so you claim your free upvotes here: I recommend you to add the tag "devcoin" to your posts so that we can find it faster.

As an example, I'm posting this same writing to my personal STEEM & HIVE accounts (find me as @develcuy).

"Community" feature in STEEM & HIVE

Someone said somewhere: "If I only would get paid a cent for every forum post of my own..." OK you can now make it for real. STEEM & HIVE have a "community" feature, that works similar to forums, with the added functionality of content curation and monetization. I kindly invite you there to continue our discussions about Devcoin:

Go go Devcoin!

  • develCuy

Thanks for contributing 100% of your post earnings to the @devcoin. We used dRP to release upvotes worth 0.365 STU

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