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RE: OpenSeed development update. 2020-jan-14

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We've looked at a few. Matrix, signal, jabber, etc. The short of it is that we want to add in features that go beyond what those projects do and shoehorning in those features felt like a step in the wrong direction.

Of course I would prefer they use OpenSeed for chat but I'm glad to know that our inclusion of chat in OS is the right course of action since so many steem interfaces are looking at options.


I am not 100% certain though, was just curious. Matrix from what I read, is very well maintained and they are becoming peer to peer as well (not centralized)... Looking forward for any solutions actually, me as a user. Even discord integration would be way better 🤷

Integration of Matrix is not decided yet!

It is not decided yet to use Matrix, I personally like matrix because they are being peer-to-peer, no single entity dependency or point of failure, seem full featured and only focused on chatting. Would be interested to know, what feature you didn't find in Matrix that you wanted in OS?

Another option I suggested before was, why not create hivemind plugin that will just work with existing users and for Steem users, we have seen many attempts in past with custom_json but tools and standards wasn't ready then, but now I think, almost every full node runs hivemind and with communities it will be even more big part of ecosystem.

It wasn't so much what Matrix supplied or didn't supply. It was more about what we plan to do with OpenSeed and more importantly OpenLink as a whole. Phase 1 doesn't really differentiate us from other projects so using things like Matrix would accelerate the project , but as Phase 2 and 3 get underway and our needs diverge from existing solutions I think it will start to make sense.

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