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Let's Move On...

Let's Help Steemit...
What kind of Suggestions do You have for Steemit Growth ?

Do You want more Users on Steemit ?

Do You want Quality Steemit ?
Do You want to help & those goals are achieved ?

Let's Help Steemit that true Bloggers come out on the Surface and Steemit Shows the Real Quality. Who is the Best Strategy Maker on the Topic "How to bring new Users on Steemit"...?

Do we have some intelligent solutions?
How can we motivate users to bring New Users?
What can we do ?

Everyone can take part in the Competition. It is important that we help Steemit Community to be full of new Users and in that way real original blogs will be more & more.

Let's do the job and make Steemit Content that:
= Will be valued, Will be Original, Will be Clean
= Let's do it in Original Way through sending Your Strategy Blogs about bringing users
= Let's Gather all different bloggers
= Let's Gather bloggers writing on different topics sport, life, blockchain, love, health, art, other...)
= Let's do it through Real Strategy Blog by stressing the most important things for Steemit to be full of many new Users & many Quality users.

Photo help by Shutterstock & IStock

Bringing new Users Blog is a Contest that has to contribute to making Steemit a perfect place for writing for every person that wants to write & inspire Steemians how to bring new users. Let's make Steemit full of New Users.

Competition Conditions

  1. Every Steemit Blogger can take part in the "Stop Plagiarism Poem" Contest
  2. Write an Unique Stop Plagiarism Strategy Blog
  3. Do it in a Shape, You think it is Best
  4. Do it in a Shape, You think it is Original
  5. It will be great if post looks well designed
  6. Post should be in English
  7. Post Your post with "Stop Plagiarism Strategy Blog" link as comment in this post
  8. Post Your post in Steem schools Community https://steemit.com/trending/hive-152587
  9. Resteem Your post on Your Wall
  10. Follow Twitter @hrepublicmk
  11. Follow me on Steemit @tatjanastan
  12. Register on the Steem Schools Discord Channel https://discord.com/invite/q9VEn5n
  13. The person that writes the best "Strategy for bringong New Users on Steemit" wins the first place,
    the person that has less than the First is Second, the person that has less than the second will be third

Rewarding System

The competition lasts for 9 days


1st Place 25 Steem
2nd Place 15 Steem
3rd Place 10 Steem

Entries can be sent by Everybody

Let the Best Wins

I want to thank to all Steemians that helped Steemit become a Blog with a lot of excellent content and least possible plagiarism as well as through Steemit heroes:

Community Mosquito Squishers

Let's Steem On...Steemit Perfection of Blogging

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