Do something About it.

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Topic: Do something About it.
Text: (Philippians 2:12)
Beloved, Every object remains in a state of rest until a force is applied' nothing will ever work until you forge workable plans and take practical steps towards it. Issues, circumstances, life conditions, will remain the same until something practical is consciously done about them, that marriage, that desire future; that dream will not materialize overnight until something is done about it. Apostle Paul in one of his epistles to the Philippians instructed that we should work out our salvation with fear and trembling, this therefore means that even our salvation must be work out on a daily basis or it cannot be sustained.

Friends, do not be deceive, faith and prayer are good, but are not enough, it is time to stand up and take action, it is time to take relevant steps towards that deteriorating health of yours, make plans inquiries from your healthcare provider, take necessary and prescribed medication etc; for that business that is going down, do something about it, think, and take practical steps towards reviving it, for that forthcoming examination, get up and read extensively and you will see a better results. Nothing will work until you work it out. I believe there are certain things you want to accomplish in this month, pray over them,and let God give you a direction to follow. The word of God in( proverbs 4:18) says, the path of the just is as shining light that shineth more and more into the perfect day.

Friends, Arise and fight against any area of your life that is empty, pray and work hard so that your life will be better and greater than as it is now. This is my wish for you.

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