Not the politics, the girls of Khooab village are painting the walls in a dream color... Community schools support ..

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Just four kilometers from Jhargram railway station. After that the boundaries of the dream village begin. When you come to this small village surrounded by forest, you will be able to add your eyes to the exterior of the colors and curves. You will see numerous curves, designs, pictures throughout the walls of each house. Moments of Lodha people's lives, folklore, traditions, marriage stories have emerged on the wall of the mud house. Jan Shatek, a non-profit organization called Chalakhata Academy, is behind the change of the vow of the town, originally founded by the people of Lodha. With the local people, the artists of the Chilmat Academy painted the walls of every house. During the voting season, the political village-writing, the election color, avoided the scourge of the dream has become like a dream village. The old name is Lalbazar Jheer which now has only one name - 'Khoobgaon'. Shivaji Bandyopadhyay, a professor-literary man, is leading the new nomenclature.

Talking to Mrinal Mandal, Head of the Chawla Academy. Mrinals went to Lalbazar village very occasionally while visiting with friends. The village is very fond of them and decided to do something like open air studio here. Why did you choose this village? Mrinal says, "With a whole twin house and sixty-three residents, the location of Khobaggaon is such that the whole village can be thought of as a studio. It is also ideal for work because there is no outside noise, a very isolated place. Khoabgaon is the perfect place for those who write, draw or associate with performing arts. "

The future will tell the future. But in keeping with the dreams of the present day, Khobab is becoming more and more colorful...
I love community 💙 school.. I support the community schools..


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