My Life Motivation Is My Experience

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I think sometimes in those few failures, I try to keep what I want. But they weren't what I needed.

So now I want to change the concept.

Sometimes what we want is a little different from what we need. So, maybe there is an extraordinary purpose in my opinion from the creator to make me a little bit able, maybe it's too late to find who, or who. But I think that even if that happens, it's something that I think is good for me. Because I can realize now that "oh what is the concept of pairing, the concept of relating and what life is like."

Sometimes we insist on what we want. But that's not necessarily the best for us.

Experience is the best teacher, I can read like this because it's expired, because I really feel, I experience, I'm not just copying people's words, I keep applying it so that it gives me the impression "oh, this is really like this." no !

I'm just talking best on experience. Why ? If we know the experience we feel and we know what the ending will be, what will the result be. As we speak, it will appear more fluid and more real. It won't seem like it's faking it. I'm going to talk like it's sincere and I think it's more likely to reach people who are listening.

No matter how small, if we see something bigger, more beautiful, inspiration will come from anywhere.

Do not be afraid to be wrong, because with wrong we will find the truth itself. Because without anything wrong, we don't know this is right, this is wrong.

The word wrong if it's never wrong, it won't be a wrong word.

The word is right if there is never a wrong word, this will not be a right word.

So yes chest guedpard.

Each clear people are different. I always say respect people clearly, because you can never be in someone else's shoes. But trying hard to let us know that the problem will be the same, it hurts, it feels happy, it hurts, it feels disappointed, it's the same in principle. It's just that different people will have different tastes, because of the way they react in the end.

Right or wrong an action, can only be judged from the point of view of each. But whatever the judgment, every action can only be judged by the creator.

OK, I hope you get enlightened.

By @midiagam