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It's always an amazing thing when we get new information. We want to explore, we want to harvest immediately. But...

Get rich quick mentalitydoes not work on steemit. STEEMIT is like farming it requires rigorous and scrupulous activities. No farmer farms today and harvests today such doesn't happen even with the new improved seeds and seedlings crops has to under go processes.

poultry farming as a case study

Poultry is tge keeping of birds for meat and eggs.
There are the layers which lays the eggs we eat . That fowl must start as a day old chick and be fed with starters marsh for a period of 2 to 3 months. At this stage, the chick is not doing anything much but learning that's growing stage on steemit it's a time you work on the new comers community do your introduction post and perhaps your diary posts and learning the Steemit system after about 2 or 3 months as the case may be, the chick's diet changes from starter's marsh to growers. On steemit also at 2-3 months of joining the steemit universe you're expected to have have mastered some basic thibhs to help you sustain as the poultry farmers does to his chicks.

steemit universe is a lover of freedom

Yes steemit is a free world it doesn't mandate you on what to post. It doesn't tell you when to and when not to post. Meaning you cloud be a full-time steemian or a part time user . What steemit seeks is that you creat quality contents and it abhors plagiarism this is the only place where steemit exercises authority and we know that cheating is very bad. Hence steemit encourages your originality. As a way to allow users vast freedom it has communities and certainly you will find a community that suits your life style and if non exist, you are at liberty to create your own community. It's as good as this.

do not devalue steemit by words or actions.

Steemit really rewards quality contents. It has lot's of ways to encourage and help its users get to the top yet as a user you don't devalue the system. On one whataspp group where I belong to one user who perhaps makes low earnings on steemit was very busy speaking against steemit. In his he said steemit exits to waste people's time . That for 5 months he hasn't made anything good. But I was pleased that one voice can not silent1000 voices . There were users who debunked him and frankly told him to check his content and perhaps enjoined him participate in the contests. Now the question is could such a person promote steem and steemit? The answer is negative, hence he devalues the system. Another way people devalue steem is selling more and buying less. There should be balanced in what we do.

New usersnew investorsnew promoters are welcome

be the best you can be
Courage and persistence mixed with original contents you will certainly swore higher.

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