I invested $100 in steem today. This is my first investment :)

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I invested $100 in steem today. This may sound funny to you. Because there are those who invest a lot here. This is my first investment. I am a man who wants to see it by trying instead of making a huge investment. If my situation was better, I would like to deposit a better amount of money. But I wanted to start by experimenting with a small amount. :) Wanting or trying is half the success. Frankly, I am a little cautious. Recently, there have been dips in Crypto. Will it go any lower? That's why I didn't want to invest any more. Because I'm not rich. :) But I witnessed something very well. When a Cryptocurrency drops, then it is necessary to buy it. When I came back here the steem was $ 1.2. That's why I wanted to return. Now the steem has dropped to $ 0.54 since I came back. I wanted to give it a try. I went to Poloniex and bought steem. The most I can lose is $100. But I will probably earn more. Perhaps I can invest $ 1000 on this platform next month. I see a light on the steemit platform. That light can bring me into a very comfortable situation when I'm in a very difficult situation. I will see this by living. Dear @dobartim always says: Never give up. Work and go. As I said, it has been 2 months since I returned here again. @Dobartim has been very supportive of me. I owe him gratitude. Maybe we will meet at the summit, as he told me one day. Some people I just met gave me some very nice new ideas. I am happy for meet them.


What have I done? I always made original posts. I love taking photos. I don't know cryptocurrencies at all. Frankly, I don't have time to learn them. I'm just trying the steemit platform. As I learn the steemit, I also learn about cryptocurrencies. Maybe I don't have a lot of money, but I wanted to invest here even if it was $ 100. Because I have been given a lot of ideas here. I will keep trying everything. Some things called Done are the beginning. It cannot be the King who does not strive for his future.


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