CONTEST - Poetry Game - Reward Pool 50 STEEM + NEW 30 STEEM = 80 STEEM / Poem: "Meeting", by @fjjrg

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CONTEST - Poetry Game - Reward Pool 50 STEEM + NEW 30 STEEM = 80 STEEM

Thanks to the community of Steemschools for this opportunity and to the friend @dobartim for sponsoring the poetry contest. Although poetry is the reflection of the soul, few of us dedicate ourselves to writing it, emerging and showing our feelings.

My entry:




Any given morning
routine takes over my being,
wash up, eat breakfast, go to work,
return in the afternoon,
in the cold house I find myself,
after dinner,
willing to connect,
to see your face again,
share the experiences of the day,
and miss each other more and more,
however I can't find you,
you are absent today,
suddenly my phone rings,
your photo in it moves me,
I answer the call,
with laughter and a labyrinth of I love you,
You tell me to go to the door
I do not understand because?,
you insist that I open the door
I wake up still thinking
Why do you want me to go to the door?
I here in Brussels and she on a tropical island,
when you open the door a gale enters,
of kisses, hugs and I love you,
that do not stop or let speak,
I in your arms incredulous,
of your presence in my home,
good surprise was that you came
and now together we will be!

Text authorship of @fjjrg

Francisco Rodríguez Consultor E (60).jpg

Francisco J. J. Rodríguez González, poety: Samsung J7 Start


Un excelente poema, un homenaje al reencuentro de dos almas gemelas que salvan las distancias.
Me encantó.

Saludos y Colores

Hermosa poesía, el reencuentro entre dos corazones enamorados, lo visualicé, hermoso.

Saludos Poeta.

Un poema de lo más lindo, (lo tuve que traducir al español) me encantó esa parte que dice: "entra un vendaval de abrazos, de te quieros..." simplemente, me encantó.

Saludos @fjjrg, mi poeta favorito. ♥♥♥

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