Macro Smartphone Photography Small Purple Flowers On The Bushes

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Hi all steemian friends, hopefully today and the following days we will all be happy. On this occasion, I am here to greet you all with some Macro displays of small purple flowers found in shrubs. This flower is so small that it is barely visible between the shrubs. But for a macro display with a purple color, this flower looks so beautiful.

The macro photography display of this small purple flower was captured using the Vivo V17 Pro Smartphone camera located around North Aceh Indonesia. I hope my friends can be entertained by this flower.

Regards @ernaerningsih.


Kak jeut tapeuek postinga macro photography hinoe kak..

Jeut. Long mandum post hinoe. Yang penting punya sendiri dan tidak plagiat.

Post loeng original mndum krna loeng hobby photo... Ek na dukungan nyoe loeng post hinan kak..
Kak pue nan link discord droe neuh...

Soal dukungan saya kurang tahu. Karena post saya pun begitu2 aja. 😃😃

That's a nice flower. And you captured them very well.

It is really good post . I like it very much . Because I also like flowers . Flowers are the beauty of nature .

Thank you so much.

Stay blessed.. More power to you sister @ernaerningsih Ameen !

Thank you so much brother. You too.