Will Artificial Intelligence Replace Humans?

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Today, technology is developing at a high speed, in the future it is expected that robots will perform operations on people, produce cars, cultivate the land, to make love. The world in the age of blockchain has already changed, this is a transition between the old way of life and the new way of life, jobs will be done via computers, and there will be no need to drive a bus, taxi, transport goods, unload, etc., it will all work artificial intelligence. It is time to prepare for these changes, improve our knowledge and be useful in the world of the future that is being built. Of course, people want to communicate with people, to make children with people, but we need to know that many people will lose their jobs, that it is time to change our way of thinking and start educating ourselves about the new world and the time to come. in full form. We can do many things, it is important to find what we love and to adapt to the way of doing business that already dominates the market. Everything has its ups and downs, it is great that we live in a time of greatest abundance and potential for material success, blockchain is a source of wealth for those who are active in its growth.


Everyone has the right to become wise if they want to, the essence is to prepare because good preparation is 90% success

Your future begins now, with your decision that Steem is a part of your life.

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