Where is Life

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We change feelings through fluid exchanges and realize the profit of love investments, the capitalism of emotional imagination divides justice into the open horizons of passion. We raise fate on the pedestal possibilities, we are pioneers of outstanding abilities with open understanding.


We cover ideas with words that fly on the wings of wise thoughts, we open up new dimensions of the chess game of life with the emotional touch of reality. Run the inspiration of emotional power with the smile of beautiful energies, you are the unfulfilled desire of my heart.

We associate organic emotions with projects of moral victories, we bundle relationships and love parties with enthusiasm for passion and depth of intuition. We sit at the place of the kings and watch the wonderful horizons of miraculous possibilities, change your way of thinking and remove the boundaries of the mind.

We choose the paths of our heart and realize wishes with dynamic deadlines, each step is a new experience on the foundations of modern science and natural energy. There is no competition because we are unique with talents and mental potential, just go forward to the top and you will see the sun of truth.


Original poetry written by @dobartim
We win together - Welcome to Steem Schools https://discord.gg/q9VEn5n
Free Image Source:Pixabay.com


Life is where people work together
Good one
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