Three Main Things That Will Make Steem Over $ 10...

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Today we have unusual circumstances on a global level, now is the time of the Corona Pandemic, companies are closing because they are failing, people are losing their jobs, everything has become somehow strange and sad because people are sitting in houses. This is the first reason why Steem value will grow because everyone is sitting at home, everyone is on the Internet and this is our great chance to promote Steem on all social networks. The second reason is that many companies have failed, some companies have lost a lot of money and cannot operate normally (such as tourism and catering). A large number of entrepreneurs are already investing in digital currencies, so they want to make up for the loss and make a profit, many individuals who have lost their jobs want to do something from home, Steemit is a great place to invest money and time. The third reason is that Steem has unlimited potential for development and evolution, we need different applications, different capabilities. When we add three reasons together then it is clear to everyone that it is a real madness not to invest in Steem, and if we look at history that its value was almost $ 9, then it is clear to us that it is far from its full potential! New users have huge support from the Steemit Team (@steemcurator01 and other steemcurators) as well as from a large number of users with a lot of Steem Power. A large number of Contest is underway, everyone can participate in those who attract them, now we have an oasis of support that is expanding with enthusiasm and professionalism.


Steem Academy, life stories, blockchain technology, Steem communities and the sincere support of creative individuals and teams is what promises the most, we are in the right place and at the right time. Imagine Steem is $ 10 now, do you know how much the voting power will jump? If the voting power jumps 8 times because Steem jumped 8 times, then we can support a much larger number of users, that is the real goal of the Steem mission. I have to say that $ 1.2 Steem is a very small value, I expect it to exceed $ 4 or $ 5 very soon, it will give extra enthusiasm to all users to give their maximum. Users who do power up and who support other users are a crucial growth factor, that’s the part of the story that is most beautiful when you see the working faces of users who are happy to have received an award for their post.

We can do much more and much better, everything depends on us, on our ambitions and focus. I feel nice when I see beautiful posts with a lot of enthusiasm when I see that users are happy and share their stories and opinions together. We have the power to change the world, we know that blockchain is the future and that those who love to write are in a place of abundance because they will have rich rewards.


Only those who are persistent reach the goal.

It’s time for us all to become a powerful Steem team together, that’s what I believe in, that’s what we all need now.

Your future begins now, with your decision that Steem is a part of your life.

We Win Together
One Mission
One Goal
See you at the top


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Thank you very much Mr. @dobartim for your advice and teachings in steemit, your advice and motivation help us to be better day by day.

You are welcome

Thank you @dobartim for impacting us on how steemit can grow fast. Large number of entrepreneurs are already investing in digital currency and hence want to make up the lost and make profit. You encourage us also to participate in contest of our demand for they are many contest in steemit. Only those who are persistent reach the goal. We win Together, One mission, one goal, see you at the top.

See you at the top

Most of the coins circulating since before 2017 have surpassed their ATH, in some cases if you compare the value with those years their price has multiplied up to 10x and they are still going up, I agree with you that the price now is very low, but when a coin enters that bullish channel it can go up surprisingly. Those people who are at home glued to the computer looking for productive opportunities are the channel that can give that momentum, as you say we are in the right place at the right time, the ground is full of gunpowder, just missing that little spark that is already in the air and is heading to the ground.

We will see a boom soon, big promotions are being done and that is great.

hello sir i am from indonesia. Now still in the condition of the Corona virus outbreak, many workers have been sent home.

I am new to the Steemit platform. I hope Steemit can grow even more rapidly. with contests from my communities my account can grow in the future.



I hope that in the future we can make friends and get acquainted further and share tips to be successful on Steemit and provide experience for me.

thank you for wanting to reply to my comment.


Thanks sir

You are welcome

I hope steem price will hit $10 soon.🤑🤑🤑

We will see very soon

hello leader @dobartim, thank you for your nice information :))

You are welcome

I hope the Corona Virus disappears soon, so that activities can run smoothly again.

We all want that

As I have said earlier on,the covid19 pandemic was an eye opener because it came like flood but God raises a standard against it using @dobartim and now I covered.

See you at the top

Good content a d very educative. Thanks for sharing

You are welcome

The growth within steem has been massive...thanks for that hope

We win together

True, we need to be persistent in this pursuit

I see good potential in Steemit but unfortunately is not popular among people, by a simple search on Google i found that it has about 1.2 million registered account, it is disappointing, i have talked to my friend about it and try to encourage them to register but my endeavour was fruitless so far, they prefer other platform like Instagram or Facebook
I know Steemit is the future and i hope more people participate in it, they just need to be educated

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