Steem Power and Stock Wisdom

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There are several ways we can get to More Steem because we are all interested as Steemians to have more Voting Power. One way is to invest in Steem Power and make money as investors, there is a problem here for those who do not have the money to invest. Another way is to write creative posts, to get support from Steem curators, mostly those who do promotional actions and participate in the main topics that are popular get support, in any case, it depends on your quality as a person and writer. The third way is not to do Power Up, but to wait wisely to sell Steem at a higher price, to buy it cheaper and in larger quantities, for example, you could sell it for $ 1.4, and now you would buy it for 40 cents. The third way is more stock exchange, but if you learn some rules and if you follow the movements on coin exchanges then you will be able to come to certain regularities when it should be sold and when it should be bought. The fourth way is the relationship between SDB and Steem, sometimes you can buy 15 Steems for one SBD, sometimes only 5 Steems, so it may be wise to save SBD at some point and buy Steem when it is most convenient to exchange. You need to study all four variants because knowledge is the power that gives us the direction of movement and timely making good decisions. Steem blockchain is a science, there is an unlimited number of variants that can bring us success, always think about what else you can do, what you can do better, more, that is the path that leads you to financial freedom.


There is no easy job, there is a job we love, and then it is not difficult for us to do it 24/7. Readiness and good preparation are the greatest virtues in business, 90% of success is good preparation. Set bigger goals, move the old boundaries, make a decision and take action, step by step climb to the top because leaders are waiting there. I saw ingenious projects and ideas, ingenious people who failed because they were not persistent enough. You be on the other side, be persistent and your work will pay off, you have your ambitions and visions, achieve them.

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Only those who are persistent reach the goal.

It’s time for us all to become a powerful Steem team together, that’s what I believe in, that’s what we all need now.

Your future begins now, with your decision that Steem is a part of your life.

We Win Together
One Mission
One Goal
See you at the top

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Good day @dobartim, I really enjoy your write-up on Steemit and I am also learning a lot from it. It’s very motivating and I want to learning more to keep up on Steemit.if you don’t mind I will love to be your friend to keep learning

thank you for the motivation, slowly, I've done some of your suggestions, but I'm not wise enough in terms of point 4, which is waiting for the right time to change sbd to steem.

Is a wonderfull post, i love It! Thank's.

Thank you

Thank you sir for these information looking forward to powering up

See you at the top

💯👍Right sir.
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This is so educative and encouraging. Thank you sir for this, you have given me something to think of.

Its the best educational...

Mr @dobartim...
Please give criticism on my post,is it in accordance with the cataegory of steem school posts?
I hope your support 🙏
Lets get acquainted with this one species

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Yes Mr @dobartim...
Please support me,i am newcomers in steemit 🙏

I tead your posts everyday, honestly i'm very happy following you, you have educated me more than any other person here on steemit.. this topic alone is perfect and i thank you for it Dobartim

You are welcome

So true @dobartim is the reason why I am still on steemit today. I also attribute every bit of success I have made on steemit to him.

tnx sir for motivation

You are welcome

your post is very nice and you work very hard .


You said very true mr.dobartim.............we should have the sense of buy/sell steems then we could be able to get benifits......firstime i also bout 5steem by one SBD .Now buying 14/15 steems after the sense😜

Be wise

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I got wisedom by you ,,now😍

Am I able to post to this community?


How do I get support in the steem school community? I would be very happy if you could say that

you have your ambitions and visions, achieve them.

...and there is no other way to achieving the ambitions and visions without knowledge, planning , courage and persistence. Four variants have been outlined here by @dobartim and he said the variants continues. It therefore means out success is solely on us. I know that these four means are excellent ways one could keep earning. Just go for the one that best suits your life style.

STEEMIT is a gift to humanity

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Steem On

@dobartim I totally agree with the idea that there is no easy job, but if we love our job, we tend to do it with ease. Thanks for the lesson, this post will help me make better informed decisions. Is it possible to save it?

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