Steem is a Place That Can Become The Dominant Social Network of the Future

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Social networks have become a daily means of communication, political lobbying, promotion, business, and branding. The key thing is to present our personality, our talent to the world, and to make ourselves a personal brand. The DPOS system has a component of investing, lobbying, creating a project and that part leads us more to interact with other people who are powerful investors because with their support we progress in our careers. Creating a personal brand requires mass followers, requires popularity and that part belongs to social networks. We only need one bridge, a few changes that will make a real boom from Steem blockchain. We need to connect and reward activity, we need to release the potential of people to write as much as possible, to express their knowledge in the right way. As long as investors share the money with those they want, we can’t expand enough to become competitive with Facebook and other social networks. It is enough to introduce a referral system, to make 50% -25% -12.5% ​​-12.5% ​​instead of 50-50%. Another question is what is the use-value of SBD, who wants, and who has the interest to buy it? If we create a system of privileges, discounts and inspire users to buy and keep SBD just like Steem then we get a different dynamic of value and business logic. Activity, creativity, rewarding according to the system and not according to the free will of investors will take us on the right path of social networks and mass adoption of the platform.


The blockchain world is a world of developers and investors. This part should be turned into a social network for all types of users, we need an automatic system that rewards activity instead of personal assessments. I have almost 11,000 followers and that number means nothing if they don’t have Steem power because their vote has no power.
Imagine if each level of reputation had a certain level of voting power instead of an investment determining power. Then my posts would be over 100 or 200 sbd, every day. Here we need to find a balance and move in the right direction of mass adoption, we need a balance between rewarding investors and user activities.

With 11,000 followers on my Facebook Like page, I make $ 10,000 in profits every month, that’s the point we need to achieve on Steemit. In the DPOS system, it is important to gain the support of investors and major players, on social networks, it is important to gain a large number of followers. Our energy and creativity can only be free in a system that rewards it, so the logic of mass and activity stimulation is very important to us for the mass adoption and advancement of all of us along with the Steem blockchain. There are now a large number of promotions and support from Steemit, but it is all individual and does not fall into the domain of a system that supports activity automatically. The new generation of DPAS systems will win, creating a synergy of the two systems.


People who are fans of the DPOS system are narrowly specialized, investing and seeking allies and support to make money as witnesses, bloggers, or as developers on their applications. That whole story revolves in a circle and it is not attractive to many, people ask that they be adequately rewarded for their invested time, that they receive support, and that the number of their followers has a real value. I believe that many of you understand exactly what I am writing about now, my intention is to inspire our wonderful developers, witnesses and investors to all together with the users create the strongest social business network in the world.

Steem blockchain is my love, it is a place where digital currencies, innovative applications, and investments come together. I've told some ideas many times, I wanted to work on projects together with other developers and unfortunately, I didn't manage to do some things, people just take ideas from you and process them for themselves, I don't see such people as sincere leaders. I simply wanted to help everyone benefit, so that small people who do not have money have a great motive to work actively on our platform. It is time to realize that if we do not make progress then we will regress. Together we have a great chance to become leaders in the world of blockchain social networks, that is our mission.


Steem is a reality, Steem is a small resource that can become the largest ocean in the blockchain world. Just a little more cooperation, a little more real meetings, and a more open approach in which all parties are involved can take us to a completely different level of use, a completely different dimension above all competitors. It is time to wake up, it is time to lend a hand to each other, it is time for real cooperation at the highest level because it will bring all of us financial freedom and real success.

We Win Together
One Mission
One Goal
See you at the top


See you on the top @dobartim
We win together - Welcome to Steem Schools
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I strongly believe and side with you on the fact that steem will take over our social world. I trully learn a lot from you and appreciate your efforts all the way from Ghana.

See you on the top

Thanks to you I've learned a lot from Steem, and thanks to that I work from home.
I send you a big hug from Venezuela, my dear teacher and friend @dobartim

See you on the top, my friend

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My dear friend 🌹I am coming back ✌️I really miss you 🙏how’s everything ?

Dear friend, everything has changed and nothing has changed.

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#Steem 💙💙💙 On ! ♨♨♨

Steem On

My little time i have spent with you has yield meaningful results for me and thanks for be my role model. This social median like no others has changed my whole being. This is the best social media platform for the people.

hi there, i am new on steem and i really need to know how to make it the best way plz help

Welcome to Steem Schools discord channel

plz how will get to know about this steem school, what will i be post according to the community rules?

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