Steem Has The Most Positive Attitude of Success - He Has Never Given Up On a Great Vision...

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Steem has started to fall, that this is normal because Steem vision is not damaged with the fall, Steem vision is mass adoption and with that, Steem value will jump to the stars. We need knowledge, creativity and a lead character that never gives up on the goal, Steem blockchain is designed to win. We have TRX as a boost, we have emotions that raise waves of enthusiasm in which the upcoming leaders bathe. The point is not for others to do our job, the real point is for us to be responsible and to promote each of our posts on social networks. The most successful people on the planet are the ones who have had the most failures, when we understand that we will see that Steem has never given up on its idea and vision, so we users will never give up on the Steem Universe either. Victories do not come by themselves, for every step leading to the goal we invest our knowledge, our time and our money. Anyone who has worked for years as a Steem blogger can say that they are grateful, that they have become successful, only those who have given up are not satisfied. We now know that there is a platform that is evolving, that there is a path to success that is safe for all those who want to reach their maximum potential on the Steem blockchain. The joy is much greater when we can reach that level to help others, to give instructions and knowledge that motivate users to become active, to live Steem every day. Now that we are on the faith test, is it possible that the Steem value will reach $ 10? I tell you if we continue to work focused and as a team every day if we evolve that just one small idea can help raise Steem to $ 10, and I believe his value will be much greater than that.


The Rhythm of growth in the number of new users should only start at a high speed now, so we need to be ready and responsible to welcome new users and educate them about the rules and the ways in which they can achieve top results. Can you see successful users who did not have the money to invest in Steem, those who were active every day for several years? It’s very inspiring for me to see community leaders who haven’t had Steem Power and are now earning 50 or 100 SBD on each of their posts, it’s a detail that inspires me to go a step further and become an even better Steemian. This means that they have managed to break through to the top, that they have gained the trust of the Steem team and the Steem leaders who support them for their activities. It’s easiest to write a few posts where we don’t have an award and give up, my first posts were 0 cents, but I kept going. Many times we need great inspiration to write a good post, so we need to read a lot on the internet, to be informed. It is enough to read a few posts a day from Steem users and to be overwhelmed with enthusiasm, then I come to a creative state in which I can write great posts. The best moments are when you see a lot of comments on your posts when other users mention you, it’s an experience that can’t be paid for with money.

Be part of a team that always wins, the Steem blockchain is always there for you and will never let you down.


Only those who are persistent reach the goal.

It’s time for us all to become a powerful Steem team together, that’s what I believe in, that’s what we all need now.

Your future begins now, with your decision that Steem is a part of your life.

We Win Together
One Mission
One Goal
See you at the top


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I totally agree that steem will be more than any value . The value is within us! Being persistent, I personally want to encourage more people to be in the platform, creative people that can boost steem higher. I want to start sharing steemit to my students as I have an idea that steemit is more than a tool for learning but a also an approach of empowering every individual.

Great job

Greetings @dobartim, as always right on all the strategies we should adopt to boost the currency. Step by step we will go for sure. Thank you!

You are welcome

Thank you for your contribution to motivate us. I keep working no matter that the value you give to my work is not so high for now. I must try a little harder. Thank you for your input and these lines that I now follow to understand all this work. Thank you very much already with three years and three months around here, it is nice to feel you so close. Thank you for these words of encouragement. We keep moving forward step by step my friend @dobartim.

You are welcome
Those who stayed on the Steem blockchain after the hard fork, loyal users received great support.

Dear @dobartim you write such a beautiful and constructive post, that's why i like you best . But I am not like those people who come to steemit and failed to return. I am and will be patient. If you are a little newcomer to cooperate. Thank you for writing a very useful and nice post. Stay well and stay healthy.

You are welcome

I loved this post and the hopefulness of the message regarding Steem, we are growing and that is positive.
Thanks @Belkisa758 for recommending this reading and thanks to you for explaining your projection.
Best regards.

Thank you for kind words


Not really sure the best way to get his in front of you, but you seem like someone that wants to see STEEM grow...

I have some ideas for how we can really help STEEM grow. The gist of my ideas can be seen here:

I will read your post, thank you

i am inspired by this post tonight , i just subscribed to this community and the first post i read got an impact on me @dobartim i am greatful

Thank you

you welcome

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great post, I am new to the community and I will do my part to spread the message and make people aware of using this platform. I am from Argentina and I would like to see more people from Latin America start using it.

Thanks and Welcome to Steemit

 last year 

Thank you...

You are welcome

I am very excited after reading this post. Everything about success needs process. We should be patient and committed through that process. Thanks a million sir.

You are welcome

Your post is very good i like it very much .


Cheer up!
every steemians :)

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