Steem Blockchain and Steemit is Not a Job - It is a Serious Business

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Limits, doubts and worries, feelings of guilt and failure, lack positive thoughts and creative ideas, these are all states of mind and everything can change. Lack of self-confidence comes from a lack of clear and defined goals, then we become lazy and we lack action. Steem blockchain and Steemit are not ordinary projects, they require concentration, attention, constant work, excellent communication skills, connecting with influencers and curators, these are crucial things. Investments, coin stock market, growth and decline, calculations, information, applications, and programming capabilities, all in one place and we are in the middle of it all. If we look from the angle of knowledge then every user has huge benefits, if we look from the angle of money then not everyone is persistent and patient to come up with higher earnings. Mentors and teachers are important in life, when we have people who can advise us then we are on the best path to the top. When you are among the best then not everyone wants to do joint projects with you, everyone pulls to their side, there are different challenges at every level, and there are always people with whom you can climb even higher. Similarities attract, it is important to build our character and value system that other people like, it is a process that never ends and can always be upgraded. Believe in yourself and never give up on your desires and dreams, it is the fuel for your success.


It is not easy to work with enthusiasm when we are not doing well, if we are not persistent then it is cowardice because we give up on ourselves, our family and do not accept the responsibility to do the things we were born to do. There are different ways and means to do great things, the principles of success are always the same wherever we are, these are universal laws followed by champions and leaders. It’s time to write the next chapter of the great Steem story, evolution and upgrading are the next destinations that will inevitably happen, so be prepared.

Steem On


Only those who are persistent reach the goal.

It’s time for us all to become a powerful Steem team together, that’s what I believe in, that’s what we all need now.

Your future begins now, with your decision that Steem is a part of your life.

We Win Together
One Mission
One Goal
See you at the top

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great message!! thank you

Welcome to Steemit

your writing is very useful for us beginners, very inspirational, these are all bridges of knowledge in my life. very good

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Excellent job. Your motivational words will definitely motivate people. Thanks for guidance about our vision.

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Words well spent. Thanks for sharing

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excellent 👌 work sir 👍

I'm starting on steem now, thanks for sharing this helpful information.

Welcome to Steemit

I absolutely affirm . Concentration is very vital.

Steem blockchain and Steemit are not ordinary projects, they require concentration, attention, constant work, excellent communication skills, connecting with influencers and curators, these are crucial things.

Thanks steemit father for this . It's morning dose for me . It charged me for greater insights.

Keep Going

Thanks sir.
No serious minded steemian can sink in ship where great minds as @dobartim pilot.

You may be a good motivational book writer.

Great word

I make 6 books

Ooh, then my observation is good

That's right, Totally agree.

Most of the steemian thinking that they can have a job at steemit and get paid daily. It's why most of them get bored and fail themself.

By turning the way of looking the steemit as a business then they will get themself need to grow it first.

See you at the top.

See you

Most times one's instinct must be massaged .
Block chain and etc needs the depth understanding and commitment to help one be successful

Yes, this is always like that

A good information a new member on steemit needs to read and be motivated 100% its accurate and stays in the hearts forever.
Thank you our great founder for this information.
Continue providing for such good information

Welcome to successful world

Weldone work @dobartim.
I am new to steem and I need a mentor to help me understand how this platform works.

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Thank you sir, everytime i read your post its really amazing and very inspiring. Its true that steemit is a part of my life now. God bless you po!

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