My Blogging story - Starting With 0 Cents

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It’s not easy when I remember my beginnings, it was some crazy enthusiasm, I was looking forward to earning a few cents. I remember like it was yesterday, I was depressed after losing a big contract, I didn’t want to go to work, I just decided to dedicate a little to my garden and the internet. I wanted to learn English, I needed that because I had partners from other countries, I searched the net and came across a place where it says - makes money from blogging. I registered, I think I waited a few days to be able to log in. I started writing posts, it was so hard for me to write on Google Translate, but my blogging course in English has just started. I saw some users make one dollar each, some made a lot more, I wanted to be as successful as they were. For a few days, I didn't have a penny, I started to wonder what was wrong with me. I started reading posts from successful users, I saw different profiles from entertainment, blockchain posts to business and art. I saw who was voting for those users, I started making a list of people I would follow and learn from them. The first and best strategy I made was to select twenty successful users and write comments on their posts, I wanted to get their attention. The competition was great, I had to be creative, to write comments that had a great and positive point, I became a master of comments. I wrote a few posts a day, money started coming in on my posts, I was enthusiastic when I saw 1 Steem dollar. I have been an entrepreneur my whole life, my first book is about how to get rich without start-up capital. I wanted to make great money without investing, this was my best English course, I'm not perfect but I've made a lot of progress so far. I saw that there are a lot of users who make the first big mistakes and have no knowledge, they wrote short spam comments, so I had a desire to create a Steem Schools discord group, to educate users to become successful on Steemit. When I became successful enough without investing, then I invested in Steem and picked up Steem Power. It wasn’t easy to get to the level where I am today, I have an even stronger desire to become more successful, better, more creative, to see the Steem family grow to the throne of the blockchain universe. Now users have communities, they have great support from Steemit curators, this is one model that supports all those who work well, every day and who promote Steem. I would like some things to be added, to evolve, for each community to have stronger support, its own Steem token, or maybe to become a small Steemit with the same system, it would be a very strong version to expand a real social network with business and blockchain principles. My conclusion is that perseverance, faith in yourself, in vision, discipline and daily action is a crucial factor for success in any business, in anything.


We need to wake up, take it a step further, see new challenges, new potentials, new user needs, and evolve as a system. Many fell asleep, though they were the best, that they were great, Nokia failed because it saw no future, Myspace disappeared and Facebook conquered the world. We don’t need to be in a comfort zone, we need a strong awakening, it’s time for innovation, new projects, it’s time to become a global leader as a blockchain social network. We all need to think together about the future, about the value we can add, about things, projects, applications that we can develop.
Only focus and team play can move us to the top, to the stars. I am not a developer and I am not the owner of Steemit so that I can start some things, change, improve and do, what we as users can do is support, make suggestions, offer some solutions and make an effort to be heard, to react and move on. After 5 years of existence, we have about 5000 daily active users, that's ok, but for one real social network, we need millions of new and active users. If Steemit really aims to become the largest b; blockchain social network, a global authority, then changes, upgrades, new and innovative solutions, and evolution are necessary, because the old system with Steem Power cannot support millions of users.
I believe there will come times when millions of users will use the Steem blockchain, can you imagine how much the Steem value would be then, I am sure over $ 1000, I want us all to understand what I am talking about here. Big whales, small users, everyone is interested in Steem's value growing, so let's all make social networks grow together, and then Steem will grow, but we need changes that will support millions of new users with money, people live from reality.

Steem On


Only those who are persistent reach the goal.

It’s time for us all to become a powerful Steem team together, that’s what I believe in, that’s what we all need now.

Your future begins now, with your decision that Steem is a part of your life.

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It’s very difficult to start with zero and make money. But if you start with zero you have nothing to lose… only time.

This is reality

Interesting article. I've read the first step post from @dobartim, just by becoming an expert commenting on the posts of successful people. I tried it in your current post, will I earn dollars like you? hehe i'm just kidding

I am sure, step by step

More power to you sir.
If our goals are clear we can achieve something definitely earlier or later. @dobartim

Welcome to Steemit, Welcome to Steem Schools discord channel

Hello how are you ?


Oh man, I just found this site and the first post I read was this. This is the real motivation...
Btw, should I write in English to reach people in the world? Or I just need write in Indonesian as my mother language?

English is much better option

i enjoyed going trough the line of this writing. There is no chance for failure here.
@dobartim thanks so much for creating this content. i learn a lot from it

You are welcome

This is a motivation to me
And a lesson to never give up!!
Thanks for sharing

You are welcome

@dobartim well done sir👏

This is a fascinating and an intriguing write up sir, I believe strongly in what you have said "perseverance, faith in oneself, in vision, discipline and daily actions are crucial factors for success in anything" to add to this sir, such a person must bury his discipline in the act of been consistent. Consistently drives an ambitious fellow a step closer to his dreams. Keep working, keeping moving, and expect the worst challenge to your dreams. Cause those challenges are there not to weigh you down, but to train and make you see value in your dreams. DREAM ARE OBTAINABLE, DREAM ARE ACHIEVABLE!!! but the real question is can you be consistent and steady enough to see them come to pass?

Thank you sir for such write up. 💖

Make habits for success.

Thank you sir 💕

You are welcome

Yes Sir.

Su historia es muy emotiva e inspiradora. Me encanta


This is a great article.


Welcome sir

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