Leaders Create Opportunities and Smart People Know How to Recognize and Use Them

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Leadership is the constant development of character, emotional strength and stability, intelligence and knowledge, the skill of understanding people, and acting properly in the interest of others. Leadership is learned, it is the tendency to develop a character that is brave, adventurous, strong with attitudes that move others to do something more in life, to fight for better conditions, laws, positions. Each of us has leadership predispositions, each of us can lead in a certain area, to represent our leader. Leadership does not mean that someone is the main one, leadership means that for a certain task, activity, business position, each of us represents a leader or can become one. I just read a blog, it’s short but it contains a very strong message. He says "I build houses, I build schools, I'm a builder, I love my job, I enjoy doing good deeds, now I'm making a post to see my job, my bricks that will make someone's home." The point is that person is a leader for the job he does, when you do what you love when you write posts about what you love, it has power, it is felt because it comes from the heart. Don't be someone else, you can't be what you are not, the best option for success in life is always to be you, to represent what you believe in, what you love, what you know. Each of us can make our chance for success, each of us should react as soon as he sees an opportunity to take a step forward towards the goal, towards the top, towards life achievement.


When you do something when you write, do you mean those others who need to see it, to read it, do they have the right information, do they have benefits, the benefit of what you do? It is nice to create, to do good things that will bring joy to other people because the emotions of joy and love are the strongest force in the universe. Do not doubt yourself, you are a person who can, who deserves to succeed in life. Being a leader is not easy, it is not difficult either, it is simple if you want it, never change your good moral character due to pressure, always be on the side of truth and justice.

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Only those who are persistent reach the goal.

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not much around but caught this nice article!!!

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For me you deserve to be a leader in this community, your posts are always interesting because what you explain is easy for us to understand, success is always @dobartim

See you at the top

I really like what you wrote it motivated me i like it

You are welcome

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Step by step, quality work, month by month, year by year.

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Hola @dobartim, los cambios son frustrantes y muy molestos pero, si se quiere lograr algo diferente en la vida hay que cambiar las cosas que no nos ayudan a avanzar. Yo tengo una duda y quería preguntar, ¿de qué tema puedo yo escribir en Steem Schools?. Saludos.


This is really deep

Yes, it is.

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