I Hear the Feelings of Eternity

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We hold the fear of the emotions of feelings and break the past into parts of pleasure, we arrive at the right time to celebrate the years of love. We serve life drinks on the lips of wisdom that lead us in the way of celebrity events, we become successful personalities on the wings of enthusiasm.


Pass through my feelings of visual senses and feel the vibration of my intentions with a great love of desire. We break the chain of failure in the hands of your tenderness, touch my mind with the vibrations of fluid intelligence. We have become sensitive to change because true love is an eternal challenge.

We create conditions of happiness in all places of well-known thoughts and creative energies, we discover fantastic points of dreams with the taste of love romance. Security comes to your prize in the hands of the princess, you are the beauty of the front page of the champion magazine.

Memories penetrate through the sea of light and darkness and all moments show our time, you are the victory of my heart that puts you on the pedestal of the modern queen. We showed the ready steps of understanding and justice, we find the synergy of our love.



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Sir @dobartim, every time I read your article, I learned a lot from your creations.
It inspires me to do better.
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