Doubtful Love

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I saw your face on the sunny side of happiness, the smile wiped off the illusion of the wind in your hair. Crossing bridges and oceans with friendly relationships and passionate touches that turn us into the sense of enjoyment, you have launched powerful emotions on the waves of unknown vibration.


The shortened honour and prohibition of the encounter of reality and desire with love ambitions, youth and ignorance circle the thoughts of the charity. We fall from a closed circle to the beauty of the magical future, open up time projects on glass horizons.

The heart follows intuition while we listen to advise from others, the forbidding relationship interrupts the karmic emotions that bring us together at a certain level of consciousness. Take me into the hands of powerful love, my memories lead me to the wonderful ways of new experiences that I can not forget.

The broken parts of life are gathering into one light the whole of our fantasies, we become wolves among people who have become greedy in ego games. Innovations of romantic moments add spices and endorphin juices to life, we have become stronger and more beautiful until you have gone with the reason for others' decisions.


Original poetry written by @dobartim
We win together - Welcome to Steem Schools
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