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Creativity is the main force of success in today's crazy and advanced world of innovation. Many rules have changed and there is not much love in business, business games have become ruthless. The essence has become that money is the only thing that matters, everything else is just a story for the audience, there is certainly a lot of sincere philanthropic work and support. The idea of ​​teaching an elephant to plant peppers and teaching your parrot to promote your products is a powerful vision with viral media potential. Can Steemit create a business platform for entrepreneurs, where essentially a slightly altered community becomes an online store, and imagine that each sop and community has its own Steem Token, its own Steemit system to reward people with? Steem would remain as the main star, a coin on a diamond pedestal. Then we would have a much stronger entrepreneurial status, of course, and if we included NFT games and other options that are becoming mega-popular, then our blockchain social network would have completely different dynamics and speed of development. It is not the same culture and not the same rule for everyone in the world, a person who connects the logic of socializing in Indonesia and sitting on coffee and tea, and who combines the business variant with that will get a new coffee blockchain system that will soon be adopted in Indonesia. If you do something for Africa then let it be something that connects their culture and customs, they are very emotional and musical. Creativity is the key to starting a project, for quick progress, but don't forget that a team of management people is essential for success.


One simple idea can make so much of a difference and make you a millionaire. In my place, I would think of a blockchain system, a coin that can be made for a unique purpose. Why not make coins for fruit growers, I would give these people and farmers for every kilogram of bananas that produce a gift of one banana coin, of course, the names and purpose may change. I just saw that after he made a banana coin, we can go with creative names, there is no limit that can limit us. Each of us has great potential, take advantage of this crazy time of creativity, blockchain and remember that the idea is the beginning, and the mass of followers is the second step that will make your story a successful project.

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Only those who are persistent reach the goal.

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Hai saya pendatang baru di komunitas @steemschools,semoga anda bisa melihat saya,terimakasih

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muy bueno saludos desde venezuela

Welcome to Steemit, Saludos

The act of creative thinking is the nature of God in man it's funny that only a few people are creative in thinking .

there is no limit to what you can achieve, whatever you can think of you can achieve.

#ElongGreen project is the future 📡 we asked for..

See you on the top of Green Abundance

Thank you.

Actually, and only a creative mind can make something out of nothing

Creativity is our way to success

And we must do that and also influence the youths in to doing that for better tomorrow

Very nice post.

Thank You

You are welcome.

I love your words of encouragement boss

I have an online store which I display my commodities on WhatsApp and Instagram. Initially when i started. I was all in for the money. It's been 3 years into the journey, and I'm loving it. The joy isn't from making money. It's from providing valheand making customer's satisfied with your service.

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