Crazy Dreams Pay Off The Most When You’re on a Steem Blockchain...

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When the number of Steem users grows, so does the interest in investing in Steem, and in order for that to work, ordinary users who do not have the money to invest in Steem must be rewarded. You will see that the most successful users reward the community, that they support projects that are in the interest of all users and that is the main strength of motivation for new users. When we analyze all the details then we can see exactly that investors decide who will be the main witnesses, but also the current Steem team (@steemucurator01 and other steemcurators) support good posts from new and active users. Everyone has a chance to make money, someone through writing and commenting, someone with voting if he has great voting power, someone with a combination of both, someone with earnings as a witness, someone with applications as a programmer. It is only an intrinsic value, and the most important thing is to get contacts, make friends and meet businessmen, sellers, artists, scientists, developers, etc. We achieve a top creative state when we look at solutions from different angles when we look from different levels, cultures, professions and all together we all have the same goals and focus.

The pluralism of challenges, people, ways of thinking and opportunities gives us the unlimited potential to raise the value of Steem. We create Steem culture, Koreans and Chinese should be an example of how this business is done, how to become successful on Steemit. They work hard, invest in Steem Power, support their users, are focused and disciplined. I am sorry that I do not know their language and script, to follow the posts because I am sure that much can be learned from their way of working. We certainly have one successful model from the @xpilar community, one of the fastest-growing on Steemit. We are all Steemians, we are all different and we belong to the same family, that is what is beautiful.

Once the land was the capital, the kings ruled with the land, and those who had the land were rich. In the industrial era, money played a major role, today knowledge and information are what make us successful and rich. On the Steem blockchain, we have a combination of information and knowledge, it is a blend that gives us strong developmental strength to move forward. Anything is possible, tomorrow a third group of people can buy a Steem and set up their witnesses, here capitalism has a democratic character and that is a great thing because it creates additional motivation for all investors and users.

Communities give us the independence to be able to create our visions and ideas. We may still lack a little system support in Steem Tokens, if each community had its own token, it would give greater equality and rapid development of mass adoption of Steem blockchain. We all have the same opportunities, we can bring in or get certain stronger players to support our initiative, our community and users. I am sure that everyone who adds value to the Steem ecosystem will sooner or later receive strong support because it is in everyone's interest. It is important to choose the standards that we support users, those that are creative, that have quality posts, that are active and that do POWER UP. Because if we support every user, then those who are extra quality, who enter much more time than others will not get an adequate reward. On Steemit everyone can find their interest, users who have similar ambitions and visions, we have an open path to reach the top and that is a great opportunity. We are pioneers of the new time, we are making new paths for all users who will come after us.


When Steem becomes part of your morning, when you drink coffee with friends and talk about the Steem family, when you have dinner and talk to your child about Steemit, it is a sign that you have become a real example for other Steemians. @sultan-aceh do wake up with Steem, works until 3 in the morning and every day is dedicated to bringing in new users, that is the love seen in his work. Steem is a job that pays off, this is a social network that rewards us for our quality work, this is a future that brings great news.

Our success depends on our actions, what we do today will bring us a beautiful future. I see family people, successful mothers, entrepreneurs and artists giving their selfless talent and time, they are representatives of a new generation that leads us into a new business model that Steem represents in the world of blockchain. Keep going when you are sad, write when you are in the mood, talk to others about your visions because there are many good people here who will help you achieve your dreams.


Crazy dreams pay off the most when you’re on a Steem blockchain, believe in yourself.

It’s time for us all to become a powerful Steem team together, that’s what I believe in, that’s what we all need now.

Your future begins now, with your decision that Steem is a part of your life.

We Win Together
One Mission
One Goal
See you at the top


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Thanks for your positive post. you are actually giving people energy and good hope. I read you and I get a smile and I believe you that we have many prospects for Steemit.
Have a nice day, positive and kind, @dobartim!

Thank you for your kind words

Did I miss the train? Huwa.. it's been a while since my last post and activity on this Steem blockchain. After reading this post, I am sure, there is no more reasons for me to inactive again.

Thanks for this positive vibes.


Here in this platform,when you least expected,you will just see surprises pop out of no where, winning is our culture.