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Kachu: The most neglected plant. In this sense of neglect, without any care, he will be born without some water and damp soil. However, it does not mean that he has any merit but is absolutely wrong. Its nutritional world is famous. All of these are useful - garlic, root, leaves, flowers. However, its flowers are not so well known. Although flowers are eaten as vegetables. Some pictures of the collie's condition before ...

. The flowering period is in the evening. As the night progresses, the odor levels, like the rotten flower of the flower, increase. The tree of this species of Kachu tribe grows on the anchorage of the village of Bengal. The height of the plant, with two to three or four leaves, is 6 inches high. Summer - Its flowers bloom during the rainy season. Only one flower of blood stands with a bar along the middle. Flowers not only spread the smell but some flowers also spread the odor. One such flower is called Kharman flower.
According to scientists, the smell of flowers is a very important feature of the plant world. This scent of flowers attracts beneficial insects and eliminates harmful insects. The aroma or smell of a single flower attracts more attention to certain pests. For example, bees and butterflies can be seen in swamps. Likewise, moths are crowded at night in the shady trees. The insects that are attracted to the Khorman odor are all a species of insect reptile. Kharman's vegetables are delicious and nutritious. It has a lot of importance in the village. Its herbal quality is also sufficient...
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