Hunkering down: but not for the reason you might think!

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Well well... what a morning to wake up to! I hope you had taken some advice from just last week and had set targets for taking profits gradually on the way up. I have been steadily chomping away as target after target was knocked over in the past few months... and although I was starting to wonder if that was a good idea as everything kept going up and up, I stayed disciplined. So, today, I find that we are almost around the spot (as I'm writing... these things keep moving!) where my first target was!

So, it appears that a top of sorts (local or not?) happened last week when I was away in Prague doing a concert. During that time, another target was hit... but I didn't have all the stuff I needed with me to do a proper disciplined sell, and so I only did a handful of things. Plus, I'm not really keen to do that on mobile internet or even worse, hotel WiFi! So, I waited until I got home... of course, by the time that I got home, everything had fallen under the trigger point and so I just left it as it was.

Fast forward to today... and seeing as I hadn't moved the partial sales into the bank account and onwards to the superannuation or stock market, I just bought back the crypto that I had sold and then decided to spend the rest on Kusama (KSM) and Polkadot (DOT), seeing as the para-chains were starting up on Kusama and I wanted to keep building up the DOT side of things as an Ethereum hedge. Plus, I already have some stake in the Equilibrium (EQ) launch on Polkadot and their Genshiro equivalent on Kusama.

I had set spreads this morning going down pretty far down for all the crypto that I was buying or buying back... I hadn't really expected them to trigger, and if there was a recovery I could still buy in at much lower than I had sold for. This afternoon, I settled in for a little nap (my youngest daughter was a pain in the arse last night...)... and now that I've woken up... I see EVERYTHING triggered! In fact, I could have set the buys for ETH even lower... almost down to 1900! I hadn't thought it would drop lower than 2250!

Screenshot 2021-05-19 16.01.22.png

No, the thing that gave me a moment's fright was the overnight (for Europe) incident with Venus, which is the largest lender on BSC. To put it briefly, there appears to have been some manipulation of the XVS price (and feeds?) and the two attackers made off with a significant amount of money in BSC and ETH, leaving users with liquidations and uncovered debt for the protocol. You can read more in the following tweet by FrankResearcher on Twitter (reliable analyst):

Well, Venus says that there is no problem...

... quite possibly there is little problem. But just for good measure, I repaid all the VAI loans that I had outstanding. I'm cautious, so I was still within my borrowing limits despite the market drop and the weird overnight situation. I also withdrew all my collateral on the supply side... just in case. Needless to say, but the Ethereum and BSC chains are under a bit of pressure at the moment, so after my transactions were stuck pending after using Trust wallet, I jumped on the laptop and hammered them through with higher gas fees (in the manner of cancelling, but instead of sending a zero token transfer just repeating the transaction instead with the same nonce).

Screenshot 2021-05-19 15.38.51.png

Thankfully, I don't have to unwind any debt on Ethereum! These fees are insane... so it looks like there are a lot of people running around like headless chickens over there trying to unwind positions! All my activity on Ethereum is on the supply side, so I can just sit and do nothing...

However, I do have stake on Synthetix that is minting sUSD which does need to be 1000% collateralised with staked SNX. Thankfully, I had migrated all of that over to the Optimistic Ethereum L2 as soon as that had launched, where transactions cost a fraction of a cent... meaning that it is no problem to update that side of things several times a day if I want!

Screenshot 2021-05-19 15.39.06.png

... and I have found that ethgasstation might not be the most reliable place for Eth gas prices... they are a little bit off!

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