Introduce myself

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Hii Steemit.....

good morning steemit...

this is my first post, this morning i will introduce myself.

Name : Ananda

Age : 26 years

address : Indonesia

work : paramedics

Hearing the steemit from the start I was less interested in steemit, but gradually, after that it's pretty obvious, to give me a picture with steemit, it would be so sorry if I did not belong to one of the steemit users in the world.

About me:

  • Some people say the opportunity only comes once, that's not true. Opportunity always comes, but you must be prepared to respond..
  • Failure will not be able to beat me if I have a strong determination to achieve success.

hobby : traveling and watching the drama

  • I've been to several cities in Indonesia, my desire that has not been met is traveling to other countries such as English, American and Arap
  • my opinion about traveling is : Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer.

On behalf of the beginners in steemit hope the first friends join, can guide me in steemit, how to post good, how to make a post, edit the process in displaying the writing, and so forth.

and thank my friends for providing information and teaching how to play steemit. Thank you very much for this very valuable information

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