Guidance and learning to pray for students

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On day my students and I want to learn how to pray five times a day and a night. On average, our students are capable and able to pray and I as an educator is always ready to guide the children if there are problems in terms of not understanding the prayers they are doing. Learning to pray is the most important thing in our religion. Prayer is a compulsory form of worship for every Muslim.

Prayer consists of praying fardhu and sunnah. In performing prayers, you must be serious in order to get the reward from the creator. Therefore, there needs to be guidance from the teacher so that the implementation of their prayers is complete and becomes perfect worship.

In carrying out the fardhu prayer there are five times, including dawn, midday, Asr, maghrib and evening. In carrying out prayers, it can be done alone at home but it would be nice if it is done in congregation and before we pray it is obligatory for us to take ablution so that our bodies become holy.






Exactly!! Five daily prayers are obligatory on Muslims. When we pray, we do ablution. So we stay clean inside and out. By praying The heart is always at peace !And do not suffer from diseases. God protects us from every disease and trouble. We must pray five times. (Fajr) (Zuhr ) (Asr) (Maghrib) (Isha).💗

it's a pleasure to meet you
God bless you dear. 🤗

thanks very much @ayeshagul

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