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RE: Two Steem Dapps Meet for Win Win - More Dapps should join into the Steem Dapp Community to Create Their own Win Wins!

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Thanks for the update.

Buying Steem accounts through Steem.Ninja using PayPal used to be a breeze, until they switched to paired Steem account creation with a purchase of an e-book.

SteemConnect, which requires 3 steps just to login is brutal.

Buying new accounts with STEEM is a challenge.

Set of keys generated by Blocktrades is incorrect and later must be verified via SteemitWallet.

It is a mess. Even after 3.5 years...

More work for dapps developers :-)


All part of the fun. We are getting there
Can u tell me more about steem ninja. How is it more difficult after buying an ebook. Problem is that these fiat gateway controllers won’t let us sell blockchain accounts with their services, grrrrr

Regarding Steem.Ninja's ebook package: I understand the reason, but for new users it is a difficult concept to grasp. And the process implies users know what they are doing and will follow instructions from the email.

Another small issue - payment with ETH. It requires a new window and by default this operation is blocked on iPhone's Safari. To the user it looks like a mistake.

SteemWallet allows payment for Steem accounts with a credit card through Stripe (Paydro?) and directly via the SteemWallet app. The process looks optimal.

Yes. Not sure how they are doing this. It’s likely against stripe tos

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Wait... you have to buy an eBook? Like for reals? Oh dang!

I really think it has to move to an invite/sponsor system
There are tens of thousands of free account tokens out there... time to start using them to sponsor people coming in. AND to realize not everyone needs an account, we could do with a TON more viewers rather than everyone being a creator.