The formation of the child's personality and her speaking space.

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The development of speech is one of the main indicators of the general development of the child, the growth of her consciousness.


It is known that long before birth, the child has a well-developed hearing, which means that he receives most of the information about the world around him in the first years of his life through the word.

Even in the mother's womb, a baby can distinguish meaningful speech from a meaningless set of sounds: its brain responds only to words and word combinations.

Initially, children's thinking is specific: the lexicon consists of separate words called familiar objects. As they grow, the child learns to operate with concepts and connect words in sentences, building her own idea of the world around her. What it will be depends largely on the speech environment in which the child grows up.

A small person who has just learned to speak, is especially sensitive to the sound and meaning of the word, subtly grasps the nuances of meanings, actively participates in word creation.


Therefore, an artistic word from an early age enters the speech space of children and affects their formation.

Even the simplest children's works offer them a sort of orderly view of reality, reveal the connections between objects and the phenomena of the world around them, which means they help a growing person navigate a difficult reality and assess everything that happens.

It is essential to stimulate their development, especially in those cases in which children have difficulties in their acquisition for different reasons.


When a two-year-old child emits isolated words or has no communicative intention and some people say that "he will speak", one should not resign oneself but act in an early and preventive way. So you should go to a professional (pediatrician, speech therapist, psychologist, etc.) to guide and accompany you in the process of detection, evaluation, diagnosis, stimulation and intervention if necessary.

Then, literature lays the foundation for a person's attitude towards the world, thus determining the uniqueness of her personality.


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