Do Koreans want Tron more than Steemit?

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I saw @ausbitbank writed an article titled Meeting between Justin Sun, Korean Stakeholders, Steem Witnesses and Steem Foundation 12/03/2020.

I'm not familiar with cryptocurrency, but I looked at the Chinese who made Tron. There were many debates about what would happen if the Chinese acquired the Steemit.
@valued-customer insisted that Steemit would be centralized, limiting freedom of speech and posting.

That reveals it's existential import to the Steem community, particularly now, after it has been used to seize control of consensus by one stakeholder with ~1/5 - 1/3 of extant Steem. It is easy to understand how 30x weighting of that stake enables complete control of governance. What is disappointing is that the legacy consensus witnesses that have heretofore benefited from oligarchical power over governance remain unwilling to fix this flaw in DPoS that threatens to completely centralize Steem today.

I have little hope that the choice between an upstart overlord and the legacy oligarchy will enable Steem to actually gain greater decentralization of governance.

@maxsieg claimed that Korean society was isolated.

its so strange that the korean community is so eager about justins proposed changes. like they live in a complete separate community with own perspectives completely not influenced by us or us by them. so disconnected despite being on the same blockchain

The opinions of the two will be probable for each of the two. By the way, what about the opinions of Koreans?
As @maxsieg claims, Koreans may be in an isolated environment, but the most important thing is to understand Korean thoughts and feelings.
Most Koreans don't know much about cryptocurrency and steemit. I'm studying because I don't know well, but it's difficult.
Writing on the steemit is also difficult due to language and cultural barriers.
The majority of Koreans know that if they write to the Steemit, they will receive cryptocurrency.

Most Koreans don't understand the concept of centralization and decentralization of steemit, which @valued-customer claims. They don't know much about steemit's voting system and environment.

The majority of Koreans begin steemit after watching the advertisements of English-speaking Korean brokers.
The Koreans who support Tron are probably professional brokers in Chinese capital.

Korea still has strong religious and feudalism. Control and censorship of information is common in Korea.


also the shortned powertime time (which the korean community asks for) will increase volatility, and allow exchanges to keep more steem in SP while being able to respond to market changes, which will cause more of trons centralization

The majority of Koreans don't know about Tron and Steemit. Korean brokers in Chinese capital seem to support Tron. The majority of Koreans think that they are making cryptocurrency by writing to the Steemit.
They think it is a kind of speculative product.

my guess is that those "koreans" are justin sun decoys :).

Secondly, it would be nice to precise, South Korean, unless they are from the great North :).

Then, when you see the speed and efficiency of the South Korean Gov reaction toward Ncov-2019-0.1, I think you are completely lost... you know Samsung is Southerner...

Then if you think about the great North... they just accomplished the Manhattan project, and right now are keeping a firm and strong standing facing this pandemic under the wise, young, fresh, smart and creative leadership of the great Kim !

so... maybe a little review of your piece seems necessary...

once the danish introduced driveby virus testing, the next day it started in South Korea... the next day. no wait time. no delay. no lag...

The majority of South Koreans want the North Korean regime to collapse, but are worried about launching a nuclear missile into South Korea before the North collapses.
So, South Korea asks China to resolve the North Korean nuclear issue. Even the United States will not completely prevent a nuclear attack from North Korea and China to South Korea.

my guess is that those "koreans" are justin sun decoys :).

Many Koreans are dominated by Chinese capital. However, even if I speak English incorrectly, I still want to talk to foreign friends.

the south koreans will stop to want anything from the north. they will simply accept the great one... and watch his work, and if they create something so great to make the north want to join, good luck... kim has just began to make north korea greater than ever...

and in Kim Country Cannabis plants are just grass... nothing criminal... so please stop the "you are free gig" it doesn't work on me :).

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"The Koreans who support Tron are probably professional brokers in Chinese capital."

"Korea still has strong religious and feudalism. Control and censorship of information is common in Korea."

I would have had no way of understanding these aspects of Korean culture, and how that affects Steem, without having read your post. You have improved my understanding of these issues, and I am grateful.

Also, thanks for the shout out.


Korea, China, and Japan are large cities with similar appearances to the developed countries of the West, but the province has strong medieval feudalism.

Isn't that similar to the United States?

The US is far less availed of history and tradition of feudal conditions, although there certainly are political fiefdoms. The metaphor of the Ugly American has a lot of truth to it, particularly in politics, as many powers are quite crass and vulgarly displayed.

Due to it's recent revolutionary birth, nationally it doesn't have the depth of history of any nation in the East, and it shows in our traditions - or the lack of them.